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Culter could be in Tampa by Friday

After breaking his silence on the whole fiasco, Jay Culter now says he is surprised the Broncos are trading him, this guy cant be serious can he, after all the pot stirring he did to leverage the Broncos into ponying up a lucrative long term contract on par with other highly touted Pro-bowl quarterbacks, he is now shocked.

“I was surprised they decided to trade me this soon,” Cutler told Glazer in his first comments since the statement was released. “I didn’t want to get traded. This wasn’t me. (The Broncos) had been going back and forth saying things, wanting me to be their quarterback and then they didn’t.”

“I really didn’t want this. I love Denver. I really like my teammates. I didn’t want it to get this far.” Source: Fox Sports.com

Some fans, might want to take emotion out of this an heed the warning of Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome. There are serious ramifications to surrendering what ESPN is reporting the starting point to acquire Culter will be atleast two first round picks, it should also be noted that the Broncos are not interested in the Lions number one overall pick in this Aprils draft because of the money associated with such a high pick.

“That can set your franchise back for quite some time regardless of the player you’re getting,” Newsome said. “The problem with trading away No. 1 picks is you get a chance to have the (new draft pick) play for you and probably play at a high level at the lowest contract that he’s going to have. And to maintain cap sanity and cash sanity you need your draft picks. And when you trade them away for one marquee player, not only do you trade away the draft picks, you’ve got to pay a huge sum to bring that player in, which is going to limit your ability to go get other players. So it’s a double-edged sword.”

“What he’s going to get traded for is going to be interesting,” Newsome said, “and I’ll be watching.” Source: USA Today.com

So for those that have been longing for a franchise quarterback here in Tampa remember sooner or later when you sell your soul to the devil, he will eventually be coming to collect that soul.

While, I am not against the Bucs trading for Culter, with recent reports of alcohol abuse surfacing along with his current medical conditions that might limit his effectiveness playing in a warm climate year round, the team needs to have done some serious homework beforing jump head first into a pool that might not have any water in it.

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