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Derrick Brooks may sign with Saints as early as today.

From all reports, the 14 year veteran had a spectacular workout with the New Orleans Saints. Derrick Brooks, an 11 time pro bowler with the Buccaneers, has been searching for a job since he was released by Tampa’s front office this past winter. New Orleans’s Coach Sean Payton was quoted as saying that money is not a factor in determining whether or not the Saints will sign Brooks.

The long time Buccaneer does have some competition for the position. 12 year veteran Derek Smith, who has had stints in Washington, San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami, has also been brought in to work out.

The team was awaiting word on how long injured linebacker Mark Simoneau would be out before making a decision on whether or not to bring in Brooks or Smith. It was announced on NFL Network this morning that Simoneau will miss the entire 2009 season with torn triceps.

So, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Brooks get signed by New Orleans sometime this week. If anyone knows what Brooks can bring to the table, it’s Payton. He was quoted on NFL.com as saying: “We felt like he was still playing at a high level. He’s an intelligent player, instinctive, a guy that really been a pain for us over the years, so we’ve got a lot of respect for his ability.”

Derrick Brooks brings down his potential future teammate Reggie Bush.

Derrick Brooks brings down his potential future teammate Reggie Bush.

I’ve got to say I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, it is absolutely going to kill me to see my favorite Buc’s player of all time wearing a division rival’s jersey. On the other hand, I can’t really blame the guy for going out there and trying to make a paycheck for his family. Another two or three million is going to go a long way in the retirement fund. It just seems that if the Saints are going to make him a back up anyway, then why can’t he come back here? Are you seriously telling me that we don’t have a spot for a guy that fought tooth and nail for this team for 14 years, but we do have a spot for Adam Hayward? It just doesn’t make sense. I know the team is undergoing a youth movement, but I think Brooks’ presence in the locker room for the young guys would be a good thing, maybe even a great thing.

One thing is for sure, if  double nickel does go to the Saints then I will officially dislike Mark Dominik. The youth movement is great, and I agree that we needed it, but all youth is not a good thing. Look what happened to the Chiefs the past few years. They totally cleaned house, and now they are still in the same boat they were before. Just because we’re giving younger guys the opportunity to succeed doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes a proven commodity should be taken at face value. It’s called a commodity for a reason. Maybe I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Brooks, and maybe the Saints are just posturing in their endorsement of his abilities, but if he signs with the Saints, then I am proclaiming it an absolute travesty.

What do you guys think? Weigh in with your opinions on how you will feel seeing one of the best (if not the best) players to ever wear Crimson and Pewter switch to black and gold.

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  • Roland Johnson August 13, 2009, 12:33 pm

    It would be a sad day to say the least, but based on his production last season, sometimes it is best to just make a clean cut.Brooks is / was the face of the franchise the last few seasons, but with not only a youth movement the team needs to find young leaders to step up. Having Brooks on the roster would only have an adverse effect in the growth process of new leaders being forced to take on a larger role in the huddle and the locker room.

    There is no doubt he is the greatest Buccaneer of the modern era and quite possibly the organization.

  • Lee C August 13, 2009, 12:45 pm

    I agree with you 100% that his production was lacking last season. I do think he would still be very effective if he didn’t have to play every down though. He must still have a little juice in the tank for the Saints to still be considering signing him. It’s not like he can tell them anything about the new defense, because he doesn’t know.

    I don’t think he would have an adverse effect on the young guys though. He should inspire them to want to be a true professional like he was. I can however see your point that maybe someone would not step up if he were around. I just hate to see him go, especially to the Saints. I just wish we could all get a happy ending to this situation. A spot in the front office for Brooks or maybe even an asst coaching position.

  • Roland Johnson August 13, 2009, 12:54 pm

    Consider who is out on the open market and the Saints chances in 09′ he is a better fit for them then he would have been for the Bucs.

    You have to remember that is Brooks willing to be a part timer and is it worth a club carrying player that wont contribute on special teams to play between 20 – 25 snaps.

    With only 53 rosters spots and the league only allowing 45 to dress on games days, it had to be one of the toughest first decision Dominik had to make.

    While it would have been nice for him to retire Buc the Saints might be playing a game of cat and mouse here.

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