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Dominik Being Second Guessed Over Williams Selection

It would appear some in the local fish wrap community are already second guessing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selection of former Syracuse receiver Mike Williams in the fourth round of the draft. Williams, a Buffalo native told Buffalo reporters in the days leading up to the draft “If I don’t go in the first round, I am going to be the steal of the NFL draft.” Now Alan Dell of Bradenton.com speculates the Bucs could regert the drafting of Williams when all is said and done.

The rap on Williams is he makes bad choices and is very immature. He also likes to use the Internet to present his side of an argument, which can’t endear him to NFL teams.

The 6-2, 221-pound receiver has talent, but that might be the only thing going for him.

He missed his junior season at Syracuse, reportedly for cheating on an exam. He came back his senior year and was suspended after his sixth game for what the school said was a violation of team rules.

Two weeks later he quit the team because he said he was expecting another suspension, this time for being involved in a car accident at around 5 a.m. on his way back from a casino. The other players in that car did get suspended.

Williams could’ve admitted the cheating after his selection, but instead went into a diatribe about bringing the wrong notes into his exam and sounded like he was a victim.

He says all his issues at Syracuse were school issues, not off-the-field issues, a puzzling statement in itself. Is it supposed to lead us to believe he was in a driver’s ed class during that early morning collision?

Dell, who slanted the entire piece to paint Williams and further more general manager Mark Dominik in a negative light for selecting the often troubled receiver, reeks of bush league journalism especially considering there is no insight or even retort from the player in question or the fact the team dug so deep, to unearth the truth, that they went as far as interviewing Williams High School and Middle School coaches. Let’s also not forget that the entire piece is thrown together from various internet reports from a one sided view point.

Not to mention when you look at the past decade of drafting – has been so horrid the team has only managed one Probowl alternate. So the team takes a chance on a player  with first round talent, but only has a speeding ticket on his record, but has self admitted to have made numerous bad decisions based on immaturity, but has never been in any criminal trouble with the law.

So why would the Bucs and Dominik not take a chance on a player that has the upside and potential to become a number one receiver? It’s ironic local writers tend to forget wasted picks on players of previous regimes, but aren’t willing to wait and judge a player or selection until a season has passed before declaring open season.

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