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Dominik: Next Two Games Are Indicator For Organization

Dominik believes next two games are real indicators

Senior Columnist Vic Carucci , of NFL.com got the sometimes media shy general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mark Diminik to open up and talk about the young team he has assembled, to become a perennial lasting contender as his young nucleolus continues to unite and conquer  as they navigate their way through uncharted waters in 2010.

“The Saints are a good barometer for this young football team,” Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik said. “So is the home game right after that against the St. Louis Rams, who are 2-3 and who are trying to rebuild and do the same thing we are. Those two games are going to be real indicators of where we are as an organization.”

“It was a massive transition that we did,” Dominik said. “It’s going to take a little bit of time for people to say, ‘What’s really going on in Tampa?’ But I would think that, with the way guys are playing and performing, especially at such an early age, it should give everybody a thought to believe.”

If the young ascending players, as head coach Raheem Morris likes to describe them continue to play above water and gradually continue their assertion to the top of the NFC South, all the naysayers will jump back on what they believed to be a sinking ship just a year ago. The same one that so many have jumped from.

In the same article sophomore quarterback Josh Freeman talks about harnessing his gunslinger mentality to make the smart play rather then the ESPN highlight reel type of plays that get run over and over and over on the national media network.

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