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Dominik receives praise from Angelo

Whether or not Mark Dominik has carefully calculated the moves made by the team thus far or is simply throwing caution to the wind, wont be realized until September. But according to former Tampa Bay’s director of

Dominik receives praise from former colleague

Dominik receives praise from former colleague

player personnel, Jerry Angelo, who has been with the Bears for nine seasons as the teams general manager, which calumniated in a trip too the Superbowl in 2006, strongly believes that Dominik has an eye for talent and a strong conviction in what he is doing.

Tom Balog, of the Herald Tribune.com went as far as labeling Dominik as calculated per his conversation with Angelo, in which Angelo went above general praise of a former pupil.

Per the article, according to Balog what sold Angelo on the new point man for the Bucs is the same thing that sold the Glazers on Dominik.

The qualities that sold Angelo on Dominik are what sold the Glazers on Dominik, whose tenure in Tampa Bay’s personnel department coincided with the Buccaneers’ rise from also-ran to Super Bowl champion.

“He did his homework. Nothing he did was knee-jerk,” said Angelo, who held the job as the Buccaneers’ primary talent evaluator from 1987-2000. “He was a great listener and he was around a lot of good people _ personnel people, coaches. He saw what the doldrums looked like. He watched something be built and he was part of it.

“That’s probably as good a training ground as you can have. Then, knowing the culture of the Buccaneers, that’s a huge component to ensure his and the team’s success,” Angelo said.

Say this much for Dominik _ he’s taking his shots. Taking risks that he has surely calculated.

“I don’t think anybody can be prepared to be a general manager,” said Angelo, who has made his share of first-round draft blunders with the Bears. “It’s a very difficult job _ like being a head coach, being a quarterback. There are a lot of landmines out there.

You often here former front office types, rave about there perceived proteges, Dominik from all accounts has been groomed since 1995 from the likes of Tim Ruskell, Jerry Angelo, Rich McKay, Ruston Webster & Bruce Allen for such a transition to becoming the final decision maker for a team.

Throw in the fact he worked with Kevin Demoff the teams former capologist and overall master mind – behind getting the hang mans nouse from around the cap strapped Bucs NECK and one gets a clear sense, that while there may be a steap learning curve in year one. That Dominik will end up being better off for having to face adversity as the teams up start GM.

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