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Dominik Stupid?

William Del Pilar, of KFFL.com believes Mark Dominik is / was stupid for giving newly acquired tight end Kellen Winslow a new deal for $36.1 million over 6 years with $20 million guaranteed was simply stated a ridiculous move. Siting Winslow’s has missed 45% of the total games he could have played in, if he had been healthy along with only averaging 5 receptions and 56 yards in the 55% of games he has played in was outlandish to reward him with such a contract.

While Pilar does a nice job of breaking down the stats, what he fails to realize is that next season there will be another tight end above Winslow on the pay scale.

Also, must contracts are misleading as Winslow’s truly guaranteed money is only $12.431 million over the additional four years that have been added according to J.I Halsell, who has worked with the Washington Redskins as a salary cap analyst.

Here is the actual breakdown from Halsell on Winslow’s contract.


– Old Money (meaning money Winslow was due to earn under his old contract over ’09 & ’10): $9.55M

– New Money Earned Over Old Years (’09 & ’10): $2.34M
– New Money Earned Over New Years (’11 – ’14): $24.21M

– TOTAL NEW MONEY: $26.55M over 4 new years ($6.64M/year)

– Total Package (Old + New Money): $9.55M + $26.55 = $36.1M over 6 years ($6.02M/year)


Guaranteed Money:

– 2009 full salary (P5) guarantee (for skill, injury, & cap): $5.71M

– 2010 full P5 guarantee (skill, injury, cap): $6.721M

– 2011 full P5 guarantee (injury only): $8.259M

Total Guaranteed for SKILL & CAP(what I would call truly guaranteed): 12.431M

Total Guaranteed for SKILL, INJURY, & CAP: $20.15M (remember $8.259M of this is not payable if they cut him for lack of skill)

Non-Guaranteed Money:

– 2012 P5: $3.3M

– 2013 P5: $4.5M

– 2014 P5: $5.5M

– 2012 Off-Season Workout Bonus: $500K

– 2013 Off-Season Workout Bonus: $500K

– 2014 Off-Season Workout Bonus: $500K

– 2012 45-man per game Roster Bonus (meaning for every game player is on the 45-man game day roster, they will earn 1/17th of bonus): totaling $550K

– 2013 45-man per game Roster Bonus: $600K

Total Non-Guaranteed Money: $15.95M

– 2011 Incentive (if player makes ’09-’11 Pro Bowl AND has 90+ Receptions in each of ’09-’11): $4.45M (if achieved, ’12 – ’14 P5’s decrease by a total of 1.449M AND ’12 – ’14 Pro Bowl & Receptions Incentives go away)

– 2012 Pro Bowl Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 200K

– 2013 Pro Bowl Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 200K

– 2014 Pro Bowl Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 200K

– 2012 Receptions Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 800K

– 2013 Receptions Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 800K

– 2014 Receptions Incentive (voids if 2011 Incentive earned): 800K

Maximum Amount of Incentives That Can Be Earned in ’12 – ’14: $3M

THEREFORE, if Winslow earns 2011 Incentive he makes an additional $1,000 because if he were to not earn the $4.45M incentive, he’d instead possibly earn $4.449M ($1.449M in P5’s + $3M in incentives).


– Guaranteed Money: $20.15M

– Non-Guaranteed Money: $15.95M

– Max Incentives: $3M

– SUBTRACT $9.552M in Old Money

TOTALING: $29.55M over 4 new years (7.39M/year)

As any fanatic can plainly see, the Bucs & Dominik have built in some insulators to protect themselves in case of Winslow’s play, so I think Pilar might not have done all his homework when penning his slant towards his objective to come to the conclusion the Dominik is “stupid”, as he did not bother to read the language of Winslow’s contract and the fine print details.

Just another, media hack spewing venom before fully grasping the whole picture or in this case before reading Winslow’s actual contract numbers.

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