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Double Digits or Bust for Adams

Last chance for defensive end Gaines Adams or bust. Adams who was drafted in the hopes he would be a pass rushing force has had some what of a disappointing career thus far in the NFL.

“Double-digit sacks,” Morris said. “That’s what he’s graded on, there’s no secret about it. I’ve got no problem telling him, “Hey Gaines, if you don’t do it this year, you’re going to be considered a bust.’ I told him that in a team meeting. I tell him that every once in awhile when we walk out together. He can’t wait. He’s embraced it. He’s going to come out ready to play.

“There’s no other thing that’s going to define Gaines Adams other than sacks and production. Production speaks volumes…I wouldn’t say it’s do or die. But if you ask what is it going to take for Gaines Adams to go over the top? Double-digit sacks.” Source: Bucs Beat

Finally, someone is holding Adams accountable for his play and production on the field. The approach Morris is taking with a straight forward no nonsense, tell it like it is no holds barred mentality is refreshing.

No more sugar coating or cuddling of players, telling them what they want to hear like in years past.

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