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Down goes Morris!

OK, I know it’s a play on words, in what was HBO Boxing’s first broadcast; the

Morris is being judged too early

Morris is being judged too early

call was made by iconic sports broadcaster Howard Cosell for what became known as The Sunshine Showdown between Joe Fraizer and George Foreman for the Heavyweight Championship in Kingston, Jamaica on January 19th, 1973.

The words Cosell uttered then “Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!” rings so true today with so many fans, whom seem to loathe the fact the Glazer’s ousted their fair haired golden boy, Jon Gruden. For a bright eyed, enigmatic, energetic, and charismatic up and coming coach in Raheem Morris.

Even, before Morris has the chance to oversee his first regular season game, fans have placed their disdain at such an epic magnitude, that many have set unrealistic goals for a team that was mediocre at best over the past few seasons, for no other reason, then Morris is not Gruden.

Brutal schedule, is an excuse some fans deem as a viable one, for the Bucs in 09′, if you’re part of the pro-Morris crowd along with the wholesale changes too the coaching staff and roster. But ultimately, what is and has always been the measure of sports franchises is the amount of Championships a team has won, which quantifies the status of a team, worthy of being called successful.

Rebuilding or reloading depending on what term you prefer to use, all mean the same thing generally speaking.

But to wish or suggest a coach should fail, because he is not or was not your choice as a fan, shows a lack of loyalty. Morris, will undoubtedly face a rocky start, but it’s not always about how you start, but more importantly how you finish that Morris should be judged upon.

As, the headline suggest, many in Buccaneer Nation would applaud such a headline, of course if it were actual true.

The only truth at the moment is that no one truly knows what to expect from Morris. Uncertainty, is quite frightening to many fanatics who’s lives revolve around how the team plays on Sundays. But to be disingenuous in ones approach towards Morris for no other reason then you think he was the wrong man for the job, with absolutely, not one single shred of information or a baseline to drawl a conclusion from is simply baseless an asinine.

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