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Duck, Duck, Goose – Olson playing the label game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback’s coach Greg Olson is playing a loosely translated game of Duck, Duck, Goose with his crop of QB’s. In the most recent edition of the PewterReport Magazine, Olson gave a brief scouting report on Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman & Josh Johnson from there performances this off-season in OTAs and mini-camps in which he labeled them good, good, great of course not in that direct order.

Here is the excerpt from the actual magazine article;

Luke McCown has done a good job of picking up the new scheme. He’s been good with his passing percentage. His decision-making has been pretty good. He just needs to work on becoming an overall more consistent passer and player. We’d like to see him step up more as a leader. He works on it. I think he has done a good job, and we’re looking for consistency from the position. A lot of that, we will find out in the preseason games. [The quarterbacks] are all very intelligent. [McCown] is obviously very athletic. It is real important to see him with a live rush and see if he makes the quick, correct decisions that he has shown to do in practice.” … “Byron Leftwich has more experience than Luke. I think he sees the field very well, and really has done a nice job with the deep ball here in OTAs and the mini-camp. He’s made good decisions, but again with him because he is not as athletic as Luke and does not have the feet that Luke has. It is going to be important to see him with a live rush in the preseason games. Is he going to be mobile enough to get the ball out, keep from taking sacks, and creative enough to make plays with his arm? He’s not going to make a lot of plays outside the pocket. He is a true pocket passer. He has to be able to get to a set point and get the ball out.” … “Josh Freeman has been good. He has a great arm. He has great feet for a big, 250-pound quarterback. He is intelligent. Certainly when we drafted him we knew we had a good player, and he’s progressed very nicely everyday. In charting him and the throws that he has made, his comfort level with the offense has grown. He did very well when he got in with the veterans. You hate to say he is a gamer, but he has made some big plays when he has been up with the veterans. That is very encouraging. Great attitude, and a really good kid.” … “Josh Johnson has been great. It is difficult because he hasn’t gotten the reps this year like he did last year, but he has still shown that he is better. He’s been upbeat and he has a real positive attitude. He has a very good work ethic, and is intelligent. It is going to be important for him to perform well in the preseason games. Not only for us to evaluate him, but it will be his chance to show what he can do to other teams. He’ll have to do it without a lot of reps in practice.” Source:PewterReport Magazine

It seems odd, that Olson would give the potential starter in McCown and rookie Freeman good labels and give the only qb on the roster with any degree of starting experience a cloud of doubt tag, while giving second year and former fifth round pick Josh Johnson the great tag for his work an improvement from one season to the next.

As I have previously stated numerous times, it seems that Leftwich is on a slippery slope and might be fighting for more then just a chance at starting. It appears that should Johnson out preform him in the pre-season there is a chance all be it, a slight chance that Johnson could force the Bucs to either keep four quarterbacks again or look too trade Leftwich or outright release him.

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