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Dunn’s release makes perfect sense

While one of Bucs Centrals’ blogging brethren can’t make heads or tails of why Warrick Dunn was released even though he was a productive back last season. The first reason is, Dunn no longer hits the hole with much aggression, he dances or in his case prefers to spin behind the line before turning north and south, the second is the team wants to become more physical at the point of attack on both sides of the football, which is not a trait possessed by the diminutive Dunn.

While Joe argues that Clifton Smith fumbled on half his touches as a running back, that little nugget is completely false, While Smith did cough up the rock an unusual amount of times last season he had a total of 12 touches as a running back last season with 2 fumbles, his other fumbles came as a returner.

Both Smith an Dunn are of comparable size, the main difference is Smith hits the hole with aggression and tenacity, something Dunn hasn’t done in a long time.

With Jeff Jagodzinski new zone blocking scheme, he is looking for players who make a cut and hit the hole with there shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, rather  then a player that dances before squaring his shoulders.

It is not overly complicated to see why Dunn was released, when you factor in all the aspects of it rather then just going on a players past accomplishments.

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