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Duo Of McCoy & Price Want To Become Twin Towers

by Staff Report on May 3, 2010

The next big thing could be a dynamic duo

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first order of business on draft day, was to solidify the interior of the defense line. With the selections of Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy and UCLA’s Brian Price the team feels that they have diffidently addressed the issue. But the two players chosen, have their sights set on loftier goals. As Price told Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune they are looking to become the twin towers at defensive tackle, pushing each other, feeding off each other.

But more importantly, the desire both players have spoken about openly with the media, will only serve as a reminder of how great they want to become. Which will ultimately push both to be great. Could the duo of McCoy and Price be the second coming of the Williams Wall in Minnesota? Sure they could, but it will take a serious amount of didication, hardwork and commetment for that to happen. Also let’s not rush to pass judgement, as both players could struggel early.

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