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Faine Impressed With McCoy’s Skills

Veteran center Jeff Faine, who’s entering his third season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ninth in the NFL. Has seen his share of rookie defensive tackles up close and from afar. But with much of the hype these days going to the rookie receivers. Faine talked too Ira Kaufman and Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune about the teams first selection and third overall pick from April’s Draft, Gerald McCoy.

While must things done at half speed and in shorts should be taken with a grain of salt. Faine did offer up some insight into McCoy’s technique and explosiveness.

“It’s tough to get a real assessment on him with no pads on, but so far, so good,” said veteran Bucs center Jeff Faine. “McCoy seems to be a pretty intelligent player and he’s explosive off the ball. The thing I notice the most about him is how well he uses his hands. That’s something that usually takes guys in the league years to figure out. Lots of guys in college just use their brute strength and athleticism, but McCoy’s got a little technique to him and I look for big things out of him.”

The fact that McCoy is so adapt at using his hands at this stage in his development, should only help him as he continues to learn the pro game. Even without being the strongest player, proper technique will typically win a player more one on one battles then a player who solely relies strictly on his strength. It’s a lot easier to add strength at NFL level, then it is to master proper technique.

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