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Fans Souring On Dominik & Morris

With the latest blunder revolving around the uncertainty of the quarterback position some fans are becoming very weary of the supposed dynamic duo of rookie head coach Raheem Morris and first year general manager Mark Dominik. It’s plain to see, all of the blunders from hiring an offensive coordinator, only to fire him 10 days from the start of the regular season, to not adequately stocking a defense in transition from one scheme to the next. To the loose lips that seemingly blurt out some nugget of ultimate truth in just about every press conference.

Dominik & Morris are lined up behind the eight ball and have many fans and even media pundits spewing tirade laced venom at any and everything that has transpired with the club since being hired into their current positions.

Whether it’s fair or not, or even being placed on the right door step really hasn’t crossed the minds of those launching missiles of hate towards the new regime.

A roster which has been devoid of talent and now leadership and has been lacking talent for some time wasn’t going to be stocked in one off-season.

But, overreacting to just pile on seems to be the norm amongst fans of a team that hasn’t had a strong history of sustained success. With each passing loss the approval rating of Morris and Dominik dips further and further below the Mendoza line.

Immediately writing off the season after only three games is categorically and undeniably overreacting as a fan, that has been treated to mediocre football since 2003. The mess that is the 2009 Bucs, was on the horizon for sometime. It started with giving up multiple picks for a head coach, to bad drafting, to a mismanaged salary cap, to the failure of the past regime to develop talent that progressed to a level of where they were drafted.

Sure, both Dominik and Morris should be ridiculed for the amateurish approach thus far, but to blame them for the past and the reason the team is lacking talent and in shambles is not being totally fair to them. While they should shoulder some of the blame it’s not all on them.

The real question is not whether or not mistakes were made, but if they can be learned from. Is it too late for things to be turned around, only time will tell. But this fanatic isn’t willing to give up with 13 games still remaining to be played in their first season at the helm. Passing premature judgments like some of the local ink wrap scribes and sports radio personalities are doesn’t mean fans have to buy into the rhetoric or same bad reporting that has taken place for years in the Tampa area. All this fanatic is giving them is a fair an equal chance and that’s going to last beyond just the first three games of there initial season guiding the Bucs.

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  • Lee C October 1, 2009, 1:38 pm

    Nice pic to go along with the article. I don’t think that people are giving up on the Bucs, but they are giving up on this year’s Bucs. It’s hard to warrant going out to spend your hard earned money in this economy to go support a game that you already know the outcome of (in a bad way).

    This attitude is sure to lead to blackouts later in the season. Bucs tickets are too expensive to go watch them get shellacked for 0 points and virtually no offense. The only people that got their money’s worth on Sunday were the Giants fans, and holy jeez were there a lot of them.

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