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Finger Pointing Begins

Williams pointing finger at teammates

Williams pointing finger at teammates

In a column penned by Anwar S. Richardson, of the Tampa Tribune. Deep within the bowels of One Buc Place, the finger pointing has begun. Not from one, but from two offensive players. Both Cadillac Williams an inspirational leader and Pro-bowler Davin Joseph have publicly voiced their displeasure over the teams 0-dash-4 start and have begun pointing fingers at teammates. So startling, are the remarks, that it would  indicate a fractured offensive unit.

“The chemistry on this team (is the problem),” Williams said. “Our offense, we’re not playing as one. Until everybody gets on one page, until everybody buys into doing their job, that’s when you are going to see things explode.”

“If you look at that (Dallas) game, we had our starting center in there,” guard Davin Joseph said. “Not an excuse, but we need to be able to mesh better. We need to be able to work better. We need to have communication.

“When you take the brains out of anything, Jeff being the brain of our offensive line, it’s going to take us a while to get used to the new brain. We need to be able to mesh together and work with (Mahan) and be able to complement each other a lot better than we have been.” Source: Tampa Tribune

The lack of chemistry, brains, and communication for an offensive unit is the kiss of death, which through the better part of the past three games sounds about right. But for players not to have bought in, is more revealing then some might think, could this have been the main reason the team fired Jeff Jagodzinski, becuase players just were not buying in? Or is this an indictment towards current offensive coordinator Greg Olson and his reversion back to a Jon Gruden style of playbook.

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  • Richard knox October 11, 2009, 12:58 pm

    The Bucs have alot of very dedicated fans and over the last few years that number has started to dwindle. In my opinion the owners of this team have made alot of big headed, ignorant choices along the way that have put owr beloved bucs in a rapid downward spiral. The first bad choice was giving a man like John Grudin the power to do what he wanted with the team.This choice was the beginning of the end. We have a good team now but few team players and I would rather have a couple allstars that bring the team together rather than a team full of allstars that dont get allong, football is a team sport and as soon as something changes in the way the bucs get along as a team they will not be able to play as a unit and win games. I think the team needs new ownership these guys know very little about football and it shows.

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