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Five Prominent Bucs Players To Watch & Their Tender Amounts

With news breaking that the Buccaneers plan on placing the highest possible tender on starting left tackle Donald Penn for 2010, and seeing as he was angered last season over the lack of talks with the organization on a long term contract. Don’t expect him to suddenly be doing back flips over the current news that he will receive a $376,000 thousand dollar pay raise.

With several other Buccaneers players in a similar boat, to that of Penn with regards to having less then the six-years of accrued seasons needed to become eligible to be unrestricted free agents many of whom have played out their rookie contracts could see modest pay raises and some might even see a reduction in pay if both the NFL Owners and the NFLPA can’t agree on a new CBA there might even be a potential for a larger then usual number of holdouts.

Based on the tender amounts according to league information are as follows (amounts are for players with three, four and five years accrued):

Original draft pick compensation: (what round player was selected in, or nothing for an RFA): $1,101,000 (3), $1,176,000 (4) or $1,226,000 (5)

Second-round tender: $1,684,000 (3), $1,759,000 (4) or $1,859,000 (5)

First-round tender: $2,396,000 (3), $2,521,000 (4), or $2,621,000 (5)

First & third round tender: $3,043,000 (3), $3,168,000 (4) or $3,268,000 (5)

Basically, that means that whatever level tender the RFA is offered, the new team would have to give up the corresponding draft picks to sign the player. Looking at the five most prominent players, the Bucs will have to make a decision on.

Barrett Ruud – $2,122,510 (2009), projected tender for 2010 1st round $2,621,000 which is a $498,490 raise

Donald Penn – $2,792,000 (2009), projected tender for 2010 1st round & 3rd round $3,168,000 which is a $376,000 raise

Carnell Williams – $4,080,760 (2009), projected tender for 2010 1st round $2,261,000 which is a reduction of $1,459,760

Jeremy Trueblood – $849,260 (2009), projected tender for 2010 2nd round $1,759,000 which is a raise of $909,740

Maurice Stovall – $701,760 (2009), projected tender for 2010 3rd round $1,176,000 which is a raise of $474,240

All five players have less then the six-years needed to be unrestricted free agents. By using their actual cap numbers from 2009 and projecting what tender each player will receive. If the team keeps all five players they will only pay an increase of $798,710 thousand dollars in 2010, to retain all five players, which is a far cry from what they would have to spend on trying to resign any one of them if the CBA is worked out.

The two most polarizing players on the list who would receive the biggest pay raise and a reduction using the uncapped information would be that of Jeremy Trueblood with nearly a million dollar raise and Carnell Williams, as he would forfeit nearly $1.5 million dollars in 2010.

Of course, all five players would undoubtedly receive way more on the open market in the form of signing bonuses and guarantees’ this offseason.

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