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Former Bucs QB King thinks team could hinder Freeman’s growth

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Shaun King, in an

The debate will drag on, but are the Bucs hindering Freemans progress?

The debate will drag on, but are the Bucs' hindering Freemans progress?

interview with Anwar Richardson, of the Tampa Tribune doesn’t see how being 3rd on the teams depth chart will allow rookie Josh Freeman to progress and be ready to compete in 2010 for the chance to start.

King said he could not remember a first-round quarterback who spent his rookie season on the third team and started in year two, plus added that he believes Freeman’s progress could be hindered if Tampa Bay does give him enough live practice reps.

“Unless they [Bucs] come up with a precise full-season plan for Josh Freeman, then it’s detrimental if he’s the [third quarterback] because he’s not going to get better,” King said. “You don’t get better from watching. If you watch every game, that doesn’t make you a better quarterback. You get better by playing.

“It’s very difficult as a [third quarterback] to get better because you’re not doing anything but pretty much standing around for the majority of practice every day.”

This, is certainly a topic that will be debated until the end of time, not sure there is a right or wrong way to groom a potential franchise quarterback, it can be argued that Freeman or any high round pick should start from day one. But on the flip side many have seen whats happens if a QB starts before he is truly ready.

Disastrous, to say the least. This fanatic is of the school that thinks Freeman should sit, until he is truly ready whether that is next year or the following year, no need to rush him into duty and jeopardize your invest  just to appease fans and the media.

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