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Foster Wanted To Wear The Double Nickel

Foster gets sound advice from Dominik

Third round pick Mason Foster, a 6-foot-1, 241-pound tackling machine who idolized Derrick Brooks growing up asked general manager Mark Dominik if he could talk to the future Hall of Famer and the franchises all-time leading tackler about wearing the number 55, even though he knew it was a long shot, Foster held out hope, that Dominik would oblige him.

“I know it’s a long shot,” Foster said. “But is there any way I can talk to Derrick Brooks about wearing 55 because he’s my favorite player of all time.”

Dominik didn’t hesitate.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to let you talk to him, but thanks,’ ” Dominik said. “I told him, ‘create your own number.’ Maybe one day, some young kid will sit here and ask if he can wear No. 59.”

It’s refreshing to see players making their way onto the Bucs roster who idolized players of past glory, but the fact that Dominik wants Foster to build his on legacy is sound advice. Saddling Foster with the same number of the franchise greatest player, would have put unwarranted expectations and pressure on the rookie which could have cataclysmal repercussions that could derail his career even before it begins.

In the same article Dominik talks about the teams’ first meeting with Foster at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama back in January and the presence of Foster when he walked into the room, his command of the interview and his personality. Which along with what he showed on tape, had defensive coordinator and head coach Raheem Morris salivating at the chance to bring Foster to the Bucs to take command of his defensive huddle.

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