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Free Agency Buzz: Monday

Free agent corner back Phillip Buchanon is visiting the Lions according to Profootballtalk.com. It has been siad the GM Dominik is working on a long tern contract with Buchanon’s agent, but it would appear the two sides are further apart then what is being speculated.

Brian Overstreet, t he agent for receiver Nate Washington has said there are three teams in the mix to land his client, The Bucs, Bengals and Ravens according to the Nashville Tennessean.com

T.J. Houshmandzadeh left Minnesota, without a contract in hand, reports are he and his agent will regroup and evaluate Houshmandzadeh chance of returning to the Bengals.

In Other news it would appear that Brett Farve was actually excited to play for the Bucs in 2008, as he basically was committed to Tampa in 2008, put that Packers traded him to the Jets before conferring with Farve or his agent.

Chris Harry: You’re here at Disney in February, but seven months ago I was here with the Bucs at Wide World of Sports for training camp and fans were holding up No.4 signs that said, “We want Brett!” How close did that come to happening?

Brett Favre: Very close. I really thought, aside from the Packers, it was a perfect fit, based on the offense. The transition would have been right away; go right in and not have to worry about the terminology, play-calling, concepts and things like that. Gruden and I had worked together in Green Bay. We knew each other. In fact, we talked on the phone the night before and he kind of went through the 7-on-7 script. ” ‘Fox, 2X, brown hook.’ ” I said. “Green right, brown right, Duke.” We just sort of went through the plays. He said, “What about Dino?” I said, “Double-wing right, 2-jet Dino, Y shallow cross.” So it was kind of like, “Yeah man, let’s do this.”

CH: I can only imagine how fired up Jon was.

BF: And in this process, the downside was I didn’t sign with them, and Jeff Garcia is kind of like, “Hey, what about me?” And I don’t think it had anything to do with Jeff. There are no guarantees one way or another. I knew from a studying standpoint and quick transition that was the best option. Obviously. I knew nothing about the Jets’ offense. To me, that’s what the decision came down to. I was thinking the next four months. I had basically committed to Tampa.

CH: But things were out of your control at that point.

BF: Well, yes and no. I had last say, more or less, but the trigger had been pulled. No matter what Tampa was giving up versus the Jets, I still had final say. I could have said, “No.” But without coming to me, the Packers just went and made the trade, just agreed to it. [Jets General Manager] Mike Tannenbaum and I have become good friends. He knew that by making that trade there was a chance I could turn it down, but when the trade was made and it was public news without my knowledge, how could I change my mind?

CH: So you learned about the trade watching TV.

BF: Yep. ESPN. I was laying down with my 9-year-old, and was gonna take her to her first day of school the next morning.

CH: The news of the day could have been, “Brett Favre rescinds trade to Big Apple.”

BF: Yeah, but there had been enough dirt kicked around up to that point. That’s basically what happened. And it was a tough, tough decision. When that was done for me, without my consent, I was like, “I’m not going to make things any worse.” And I think that’s exactly what the Packers were banking on.

CH: Derrick Brooks, a franchise icon like yourself, was unceremoniously released by the Bucs, the team he helped build, last week. What would you say to him?

BF: I don’t know his ambitions from this point forward, whether he wants to start over with somebody else. That’s totally up to him. But [getting cut] is just the way it is. Sometimes there are good reasons, sometimes there are bad reasons and sometimes there are no reasons at all. I don’t know what their thinking is. Maybe they think the player behind him is better. Maybe it was money-related, even though they say no. My situation, I guess, is maybe a training tape. I used to say if they can trade or cut Joe Montana, they can do it to anyone. Still believe that. Now I fall into that same category. I think we older players think highly of ourselves, but I’m no fool. I know I don’t do things quite as well as I once did, but I think I make up for it from a mental standpoint. I’m a lot wiser based on experience. Brooks is that same guy. But I’m not surprised by it. Sometimes to the player it’s a little bit surprising, but he’s a smart guy who’s played a long time for a reason.

CH: Brooks played in 224 straight games as a “Will” linebacker. You played in 291 straight games as a quarterback. Which streak is more impressive?

BF: I’m sure I was hit by him a few of those games, too. People ask me, “What position is harder?” I’m going to pat my position on the back a little bit. We don’t get hit every play. But there’s also a difference between hitting someone and not knowing when it’s coming. We’re not physically the best, as far as athletes on the field. Other guys are built to run, tackle, hit or push people around. There’s a reason they try to protect quarterbacks.

CH: Warren Sapp grew up a few miles from here. He parlayed a great football career into a great TV career. Even danced on TV. There’s speculation that you’re here for ESPN The Weekend because you’re headed for a studio job there. What’s next for you?

BF: I have no idea. I’ve heard the same rumors. To be totally honest with you, I’ve had people ask me about TV and ask me about coaching. I think I’d be a good coach, but I don’t want to spend the time. I think I’d be pretty decent on TV. Would I look good in a suit and tie in a formal setting? I don’t think that’s appropriate for me. I don’t. I think people would say, “That doesn’t seem right.” But I won’t know unless I try … I’m willing to listen.

CH: Can you dance?

BF: I can’t dance a lick. And that six weeks of training isn’t going to help.

CH: When will Brett Favre get that itch to play again? Everyone knows the time is coming.

BF: I’ve already talked about it. … But soon to be 40? I just don’t know if it’s worth a try. But there will be a day, I’m sure, when I feel like I could play 291 more.

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