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Freeman’s Stats Equal West Coast Scheme?

Some of Bucs Central’s blogging brethren think offensive coordinator Greg Olson is behind the latest spin feature by Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. In the post which reveals a plethora of stats on Josh Freeman’s accuracy issues when he throws the football beyond 11-yards. However, it’s common knowledge if you watched Freeman play last season that he starred down receivers and had problems diagnosing coverage’s. Further more, when you look at things subjectively. How much of Freeman’s accuracy issue’s were a result of receivers free lancing, running the wrong routes or giving up on plays?

If you looked at Freeman’s stats splits from 2009 its clear that Cummings piece is purely just him filling space and time, this off-season and he was not spoon feed the stats from Olson as some would lead you too believe.

While some bloggers prefer to use the shock and awe of everything that’s written and said about the Bucs these days for the sole purpose of sensational and negative journalism. In an attempt to get better at reading defenses and engross himself in the playbook Freeman has been in the film room with quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt and Olson this off-season to hopefully improve his decision making and accuracy.

When you compare Freeman’s stats to the two other rookie quarterbacks from 2009 in Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez and consider such things as Freeman had little to no reps with the first string offense in training, went through two different offensive coordinators and two offensive schemes and built absolutely no chemistry with his receivers, one would expect a rookie to struggle throwing the intermediate to deep routes.

Josh Freeman
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Mark Sanchez
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Matthew Stafford
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Conversely both Stafford and Sanchez were given the majority, if not all there teams reps with there respective starters on offense. There’s no denying Freeman had an up and down rookie season but to assume Olson is going strictly with a horizontal passing attack even after he’s stated on numerous occasions  that at least, one receiver in every pass play will be running a deep route – that the team plans on incorporating Air Coryell’s vertical stretch passing principles  and the team drafted a deep threat in Mike Williams who’s noted for his leaping ability and his prowess to go up in a crowd and catch the ball. Stats alone wont dictate the offensive scheme, but rather Freeman’s development will dictate what plays are called and if Olson will open up the playbook on deeper routes.

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