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Freeman: ‘I love Winning A Lot More Than I’m Scared Of Losing”

Young Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman, who has four fourth quarter, come from behind victories on his resume, in just 13 NFL starts. Is beginning to have his story written like that of some old folklore around the Bay Area and attributes those game winning heroics to his immense desire to just wanting to win rather then his fear of losing.

“I just want to win,” Freeman said. “A lot of people go into a two-minute drive and they’re afraid to make a mistake to lose the game. I want to make the play to win the game. I love winning a lot more than I’m scared of losing.”

It seems that the one word must of his teammates use when describing him, is poise. But the unflappability he shows even when the chips are stacked against his team is that of a seasoned veteran, who has been there and done that. The growth that is being witnessed is truly remarkable. As Ronde Barber said after the game “Nothing fazes him. He’s just relentless in his want to succeed.”

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