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Freeman Could Learn From Russell’s Fall From Grace

Freeman nothing like Russell

Sports Columnist Gary Shelton, of the St. Petersburg Times ask the question, of whether or not Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Josh Freeman, who’s entering his sophomore season could glean anything from former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell’s fall from grace, in his latest editorial column.

Shelton, presumably in a lighthearted mood tries an attempt at humor by comparing the two quarterbacks and franchises to one another. Using the players size, weight and cannon arms. From a distance, sure one could argue there similar. But after that, that’s where the comparisons should have stopped. Shelton, however, took it a few steps further by trying to compare both players stats from the 2009 season as some kind of statistical link between the two. Shelton did however, point out that Russell was in his third season and Freeman was just a rookie.

Russell by all accounts was a lazy loaf, who lacked the testicular fortitude and drive to want to be great. Where as Freeman thus far, has proven to be the exact opposite player, driven by a desire to be great with a solid work ethic to match.

Sure, the premise of the article was good. But, the delivery left a lot to be desired. The message, is quite lucid to even a group of grade-schoolers who can decipher the fundamental meaning hidden among the letters that filled the screen. Never, ever be content with what you have or where you at. Strive for greatness. But never stop learning and applying yourself.

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