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Freeman Money In Fourth Quarter

Freeman ranks among elite in fourth quarter passer rating

Freeman ranks among elite in fourth quarter passer rating

After only two starts under his belt, rookie Josh Freeman ranks fourth in the NFL and third in the NFC among other prominent quarterbacks in fourth quarter passer rating. With a rating of (117.9) according to stats released this week. Freeman ranks behind only Drew Brees (124.2) of the New Orleans Saints and Brett Favre (119.3) of the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s still early, but to accomplish such a feat speaks volumes of his abilities’ and intangibles’, but the more impressive stat is being able to over come an 11-point deficit against the Packers in route to securing the Buccaneers first win of the season along with engineering a fourth quarter rally against the Dolphins in which the team was down by 13 – bringing the team too within 1:14 of securing its second victory in as many weeks.

Three of Freeman’s four touchdowns passes have come in the fourth quarter of the two games he has started. The only knock on his rating is his low completion percentage of 56.5%, but he does have quite an impressive TD% at 13.0%.

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