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Freeman & Olson Address Fumbling Issue

Freeman talks about fumbling and the growth of Raheem Morris

Freeman talks about fumbling and the growth of Raheem Morris

Buccaneers rookie and starting signal caller, Josh Freeman, spoke with members of the  New Orleans media during a conference call Wednesday afternoon, the chat was transcribed by Justin Macione, of the New Orleans Saints – posted on New Orleans.com.  Freeman discussed the growth of first year head coach Raheem Morris, ball security, on center-quarterback exchanges.The rebuilding effort and if everyone was on board with it.

Q: Did everyone seem to be on board with the rebuilding effort?

A: I guess. You have to go along with it. Everybody wants to be successful. That’s the way the management is going along with it. Everybody’s bought in and going in the same direction.

Q: What have you seen in the growth of Raheem Morris as a head coach?

A: Coach Morris has done a good job. He demands respect from the team. They team respects him and everybody plays hard for him. He’s found a way to be player’s coach, but at the same time maintain the respect he has for everyone.

Q: Have you noticed growth in him from week one to week ten in how he goes about things?

A: I don’t know. I don’t really know what being a head coach all entails, but from what I’ve seen he’s been doing a great job.

Q: What additional things do you want to get better at after your first two starts?

A: I definitely say fumbling. Versus Green bay we had a fumbled snap. This week we had one where I fumbled and one where I dropped a shotgun snap. It’s definitely being more ball secure.

The fumbling issue, has been the black mark on an other wise impressive debut in the NFL for Freeman, but being aware or conscious of it, it is the first step. The problem can be traced back to training camp, in part because he did not get many reps with center Jeff Faine, the other is just attention to details and the growth process of rookie quarterbacks.

Stephen Holder & Joe Smith, of the St. Petersburg Times were able to get some interesting tidbits from offensive coordinator Greg Olson about the fumbled center-quarterback exchanges and apparently the team doesn’t have  issue’s with fumbled snaps during practice.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson continued to lament the issue the Bucs have had with the quarterback-center exchange, including QB Josh Freeman fumbling two snaps last week against the Dolphins. Olson said they don’t have problems with snaps in practice and “that’s what’s discouraging.” “I know I’m beating myself up over it, I know both (center) Jeff Faine and the quarterbacks, we’ve all beaten ourselves up over this thing,” Olson said. “Because we’re going to look back at when the season is over and look at throughout the season, there have been some critical, critical center-quarterback exchange issues. It just can’t happen. It’s unacceptable.”

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