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Freeman ready to carry Bucs to next level

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers formally introduced number one draft pick Josh Freeman, this morning to the media and the Buccaneer fanatical fan base. Freeman who was chosen 17th overall has already got something in common with the last franchise quarterback the team had, as he and Doug Williams, who is now the Director of player personnel, were both selected in the first round with the 17th overall pick respectively.

Whether or not Freeman will have the same kind of impact on the organization as Williams did remains to be seen. But Freeman oozes confidence in his abilities to be able to take the Bucs to that next level and become the franchise quarterback the team has been searching for.

“Oh definitely,” Freeman said. “That is what I’ve considered myself all along right there with the other two guys. I definitely think from this point on is where I’m really going to start showing people. It is going to be a grind. I have no idea how it is going to work out. All I know is I’m going to do everything in my power to make the Buccaneers a better football team. Whether that is playing this year, not playing this year or a couple of years down the road being the man, whatever it takes to help this team win I’m ready to do.”

“It is great to be here,” said Freeman. “Going through this whole process, the combine and everything, the advice I was getting from players is to not fall in love with one team because you have no control ultimately over where you are going to end up. I came up here and took my visit with Mark and Rah and it was great. I left here thinking, ‘Man, I don’t care how I do it, I have to get to Tampa some day. I’m just really glad it worked out the way it did. I heard a lot about the fans and the community and just being surrounded by great people. I think ultimately that is going to pay off for me as far as my success. I think the type of people you are around plays a big part in your development. I consider myself a good character guy and making some things happen.” Source: PewterReport.com

I, for one like his attitude, not to mention his understanding that alot of his success will be determined by those you are surrounded by. For him to come out and say he has things that he needs to work on and the  willingness to want to become great, is refershing, but his also understands that it will be both a mental and physical grind for him to take those steps.

The next few years should be an exciting time in Buccaneer nation for the mere fact of watching all the young players finally being given a chance to prove they actually belong.

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