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Freeman scheduled for clipboard duty in 2009

There has been several indicators, that would suggest Josh Freeman, might not see the field in 2009, since being drafted not only has Freeman gave subtle little hints about it, but now Doug Williams is dropping tidbits of the teams plan to allow Freeman to be spoon feed his first year in the NFL.

According to Freeman himself, he has no expectations other then eventually becoming the starter, which would suggest the team has had preliminary discussions with him about what his role will be in 2009.

“I really have no expectations, other than eventually being a starter,” he said on Monday as he was introduced to the Bay area media in a press conference at team headquarters. “I don’t know if it’s going to be this year, I don’t know if it’s going to be next year or when it’s going to be. All I’m going to do is come in and work as hard as I can and try to put myself in the best position to make this team better.” Source: Buccaneers.com

Williams, who is the coordinator of pro scouting, in speaking with Rick Stroud of the St.Pete Times, indicated Freeman will be watching McCown & Leftwich battle for the top spot.

“It’s a perfect situation for Josh. He gets to watch guys like (Byron) Leftwich and (Luke) McCown battle it out for the starter, and he can see it firsthand. One of them is going to take him under their wing.”

“I love Josh, but if we’re looking for a guy to come in here and play tomorrow, let’s get Sanchez,” Williams said. “But ask me who has the most upside, it’s Josh Freeman. Bar none. I’ve seen them all play.

“That’s why I like this pick more than anything. There wasn’t any pressure on Raheem or Mark. I think if you had to take a poll here with Bucs fans and across the country, they said don’t draft Josh Freeman. In meeting rooms, it wasn’t about a poll. It was about who we think is the best guy.Source: St.PeteTimes.com

It seems pretty clear, the selection of Freeman, is not about the now and more about the future then anything else. So for those fanatics who think Freeman will be given a chance in 2009 to compete, you might want to temper your enthusiasm for the young QB, as you might be in for a prolonged waiting period.

But don’t fret, becuase Freeman will be working on his game behind the scenes at One Buc Place, he also understands he will be judged by how he plays, not where he was drafted.

“I think ultimately your judged by how you play, not where you get drafted. I’m fired up. I want to go out and win games, for the city of Tampa, for Ra, for myself and for the Buccaneers. I want to go out and help this team be successful, and that’s my ultimate goal. I hear that they’re great fans here and people respond to winning. I think if I go out and play well, we’ll have no complaints.” Source: Buccaneers.com

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