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Freeman: Welcomes The Blitz, Prefers Running Game To Touchdowns

by Staff Report on September 17, 2010

Freeman prefers to be blitzed

In an interesting interview with Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman and four other NFL quarterbacks, the often hated Pete Prisco, of fires out a volley of questions, to hopefully shed a better insight into the mindset of some of today’s signal callers. Two particular questions that caught this fanatic’s attention dealt with Freeman facing the blitz and touchdown to interception ratio.

Prisco: Third and long: Would you rather face a blitz or coverage?

Freeman: “It depends on what team it is. All in all, I’d say blitz. You’re more likely to get the matchup you want.”

Prisco: Throw 33 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions or 15 and 5?

Freeman: “I’d probably say 15 and 5 and let Cadillac [Williams] get the rushing yards. I’m cool with 15 and 5. Having a running game that doesn’t force us to throw touchdowns would be a good thing.”

The first question and answer is an indication of Freeman’s demeanor under pressure. The second question and answer gives insight into the aggressiveness of Freeman as a quarterback. It’s interesting that in one instance Freeman welcomes the blitz, but based on his touchdown to interception ratio answer would play it conservative rather then go over the top of a blitz to make a defense pay.

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