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Freeman’s Play Creating Quite A Buzz

Freemans play generating alot of hype

Freeman's play generating alot of hype

Senior NFL analyst Pat Kirwan, of NFL.com is now getting into that long line that extends from Tampa all the way to Bristol, Connecticut by way of New York to praise rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, after two decent performances since making his NFL debut. It would appear that all the talking heads who were initial puzzled by the teams decision to trade up in the first round to select the early entry junior from Kansas State, now has many in the main stream media taking notice of his on field accomplishments.

He was in shotgun, which he feels gives him a “snap shot” of the coverage that he doesn’t always get from under center. Freeman explained that after taking the snap, he took a good look at the coverage and realized he might have Stovall in a press man look, but read down from Kellen Winslow to Michael Clayton before turning back to Stovall for the TD strike.

Freeman seems to really understand pass route combinations, coverage beaters, calling plays, and using his “alerts” at the line of scrimmage to change plays. Freeman should have Bucs fans very excited about the future.

Now, one of Kirwan’s colleagues, senior writer  Steve Wyche, of NFL.com got in on the act as well, when it comes to giving fans an inside look into Freeman’s growth since being drafted. Wyche decided to use Buccaneers offensive coordinator Greg Olson as a source of information. Olson seems to gush about Freeman’s internal clock, pocket presence, and his field vision.

“It was good that he always knew he had to prepare for that opportunity,” Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. “We kind of thought it was going to be Luke and Byron and those two guys would play throughout the season. For him to be the starter, that was not the initial plan going into it.

“He sees the field very well. That’s the one thing you’re waiting to see because you never really rush him live in practice. He sits in the pocket, and with a young quarterback, you always worry that they’ll flee quickly. But he’s shown that he’ll take shots. He’s got a pretty good internal clock and knows when to escape. His pocket presence will be very good, and his field vision has been good for a rookie.”

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