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Freeman’s Thumb, Accuracy & Timing

Like many fanatics who watched the game yesterday, I’m sure I am not the only one who was a bit puzzled, by Josh Freeman‘s new sidearm delivery. That was present in the season opener. The three quarter or sidearm delivery that was unveiled was a bit perplexing to watch. Not knowing whether it was a byproduct of his off-season work with regards to improving his accuracy or a necessary evil due to his injured thumb will be interesting to keep a close eye on as the season progresses.

There were several throws against the Browns that one could tell were diffidently affected because of the “thumb.” On his lone interception it was clearly and over throw and fluttered past its intended target.

The pass a few plays before he hit Micheal Spurlock for the go-ahead touchdown, the one to Mike Williams down near the front corner of the endzone that was a wounded duck and just out of the reach of Williams was clearly another instance of the thumb coming into play.

At this point, its a safe bet to say the thumb played a part in some of the accuracy problems Freeman was plagued by in the win. But that rust – timing were much bigger factors.

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