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Gaines Adams & Kyle Moore attend Defensive Line Inc.

Chuck Smith, who is the owner of Defensive Line, Inc., which is based in

Moore brings a friend to school

Moore brings a friend to school

Atlanta, operates a pass-rushing camp for high school, college and pro athletes. He has become a subject matter expert of sorts teaching the art and science of pass rushing at the Wellness Performance Institute in Suwanee, Ga.

Smith, has guided players from the back doldrums of obscurity to the forefront of mainstream media. Working with such talents the likes of New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware and Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth among a host of others, too include players drafted the last few seasons.

The list grew by two in July, when third year pro DE Gaines Adams and rookie fourth round pick DE Kyle Moore went back to school.

“I have made friends and bonded with a couple of the veteran players. I have been hanging out with Gaines Adams and Dre Moore. We went out a few times together and I am getting to know them pretty well. I will also be going to a defensive end camp in Atlanta with Gaines and there will be many veteran defensive ends at the camp from around the league too. I am sure that I will learn a few things while I am there and I am looking forward to it.” Source: KyleMoore94.com

Adams, after rededicating himself in the weight room this off-season, in the hopes that it will finally be a breakout year is leaving no stone unturned to reach that so-called elite status and become mentioned with other phenomes.

Rather then just relying on the new scheme, which will have Adams  split out wider, taking a straighter line towards quarterbacks. He seems to be finally putting in the extra work needed to take the next step in an other wise average first two years in the league.

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