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Give Dominik a chance

With the free agency swoon all but dried up like a desert in the middle of summer ,the Buccaneers have added what many feel is an uninspiring harvest. But one should not judge based on name recognition alone. The teams ability to resign or ensure such players as Antonio Bryant, Donald Penn, Jermaine Phillips, Luke McCown and Jerramy Stevens will be suiting up for the team in 2009 is bigger then what many pundits are giving new general manager Mark Domink credit for. When you add in Derrick Ward & the trade the brought TE Kellen Winslow into the mix the Bucs have accomplished quite a bit in a short period of time. But there is still concern with the front four and there ability to truly apply pressure, even with the hiring of Robert Nunn who from all accounts is a master at teaching the art of being a fierce pass rusher. The team’s top priority the last few off-seasons has been to upgrade the pass rush with no avail. With very few players to be had on the defensive front, it looks as if the team will be drafting hard & heavy on the defensive side of the football come April.

With a new scheme being put into place having less emphasis on quick gap penetrating defensive tackles and more importance being placed on the teams defensive ends getting after the quarterback there is no need to spend big on players that will be asked to just clog the middle.

Just because a team signs a highly recognizable named player it doesn’t always ensure a high yield on such a drastic investment. The approach Dominik has taken in his first year as the head man has been carefully planned in such a manner that he is targeting players that the coaching staff feel s fit within the scheme rather then just spending to spend cap space

While the plan may just be in its infant stages, Dominik should not be judged until the 2009 season is in the books, as any basis for an opinion would just be a wash of speculation without anything to back it up. Such conjuncture is just food for the local media hacks to spew venom in the local ink sheets for the less informed fans.

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