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Glazer’s Blasted By Noted Author

Noted author Pete Williams, who penned The Draft. A chronicle which follows a handful of NFL hopefuls through the ups and downs of the 2004 college football season and the pre-draft process, culminating with the 2005 draft. Takes a gander through a detailed blog entry, at the Glazers lack of spending and profit margin concerning the Buccaneers and the lack of fans at last Sundays game against the Panthers.

In which Williams rightfully places blame on the Glazers for the empty seats at Raymond James Stadium. With the team facing blackouts, Williams sights the 23 percent increase in ticket prices across the board prior to the 2008 season and the Tampa market as being the second to lowest per-capita income in an NFL city. For the reason for the decline in fans in attendance at the Panthers game last Sunday.

Williams surmises, that the Bucs have the cushiest stadium deal in the NFL and uses information from Forbes magazine in which the Bucs were rated as the third most profitable team within the NFL, with an operating income of $68.9 million in profit off revenues of $240 million.

Williams goes on to state, that its not the economy that has caused the season ticket waiting list to evaporate, but paints a rather conspicuous portrait of the greediness, of the Glazers, as the true catalyst to what’s caused fans to vacate the stadium in droves.

Of course, it could have something to do with the product on the field, but when factoring in the value for the price of entertainment and the economy along with the product being marketed it’s no wonder there are so many open seat these days.

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