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Glazer’s saving money with front office moves

What is really going on within the halls of One Buc Place? It would appear from looking down the long narrow corridors’ that something is a rye. With very little visits set up with free agent players, something has to be wrong. The release of Director of Football Operations Mark Arteaga, assistant Paul Kelly, team lawyer Roxanne Kosarzycki and senior assistant Kevin Demoff taking a job with the Rams. The Buccaneers lost a valuable network of veteran front office execs’ which were not replaced and has basically left no one in the building for Mark Dominik to lean on when it comes to contacting and scheduling visits with potential targets.

It seems strange, that if the Glazer did feel Mark Dominik could handle the job, then why would they presumably cut his legs out from under him. Or is it more that Dominik does not trust what little front office staff he does have in place to line up visits and work on the initial details of player contracts. With the promotion of Doug Williams now in Dominiks old role, why has he not gotten more hands on? Or has Dominik no trust in the people under him that he wants to be a maverick and go at it alone.

Either way, the Glazer’s are saving money with the firing of Bruce Allen & Jon Gruden as they have not filled the vacancies of the three top level execs and the capalogist that are no longer in the front office along with Gruden and Allen and have Morris and Dominik at low level contracts, so why there was change made to suffice the enraged fan base, the Glazer still found away to save money in the process.

Could this be the first glimpse into the Glazers taking a more hands on approach?

Not sure the Glazer boys are that naive to think they have the football IQ to jump into the ring as other owners around the league have. But the longer they sit in there mahogany filled offices with cigar smoke filling the air sipping on 100 year old scotch counting dusty stacks of cash while the season ticket waiting list dwindles down to nothing and it becoming harder and harder to fill Raymond James Stadium on Sundays.

But the longer the cash continues to have dust settle on it in the vaults of One Buc Place, the more inclined fans will be to keep there hard earned cash in there pockets.

Building through the draft is not new or even a novel idea or recent. Teams still managed to spend something to at least give the fan base something to get excited about before the draft and entice them to open up there wallets.

Dominik, has tried to excite the fan base by getting in the running for such free agents as Albert Haynesworth and Jonathan Vilma, but the uncertainty remains for a defense that had an epic collapse to cost the team a chance at a playoff birth. With the team needing a CB, DE, DT, S, and two OLB’s that can either start from day one or push the current players on the roster not sure the defense will be better in 2009. Looking over the defensive makeup on the team all indications point to a more potent offense and a lack luster defensive showing ahead that will leave the team in rough sea’s.

The best the team could hope for is to re-sign both CB Phillip Buchanon and Jermaine Phillips, while also bringing in LB Angelo Crowell and CB Bryant McFadden to help shape the back seven. It would give the team some roster flexibility along with providing the team with added depth and more physicality which is the buzz word around One Buc Place these days.

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