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Gruden suggest a defensive draft for former team

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden weighs in on

Former Head Coach Jon Gruden - Bucs need to be defensive minded in draft

Former Head Coach Jon Gruden - Bucs need to be defensive minded in draft

what his former team should draft this Saturday. Not much of a surprise, Gruden feels it should be a defensive minded draft. Siting the team needs a defensive end, defensive tackle & cornerback.

“I really think Tampa Bay lost some key players on defense and they struggled down the stretch last season on defense [finished 0-4 in December],” Gruden said. “Let’s be honest. For whatever reason, and most of that obviously was the head coach’s inability to get it going.

“Kevin Carter [free agent] is still out there. I think Greg White, Stylez White, he obviously had a disappointing sophomore season. This is a big year for Gaines Adams in a new scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do target a defensive end.”

“I think everybody down here [Tampa] expects them to draft a defensive tackle. I just don’t know if that player is there for them in the first round,” Gruden said. “I don’t know if that kind of guy is in this draft other than the [B.J.] Raji kid at Boston College. I know Jerry at Ole Miss, he’s not as big as the guy [6-foot-2, 290 pounds] maybe Jim Bates [Bucs defensive coordinator] has played with in the past in Miami.

“Ziggy Hood [Missouri defensive tackle], similar. I just don’t know if that guy fits what the Bucs really want and need at No. 19.”

“They could use a corner, but I think we all know this year that corner draft is not as good as it was last season, but Vontae Davis from Illinois … A guy that I know Tampa Bay would like is Alphonso Smith from Wake Forest. That’s just my opinion because all he does is make plays. I would be surprised if they didn’t take a defensive end, or take one of those defensive tackles we talked about, to give some flexibility on their defensive line.” Source: Tampa Tribune.com

Gruden, does not believe the Bucs will target a linebacker in this draft after signing free agent Angelo Crowell.

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