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“How Speculation Becomes A Report & A Rumor Becomes A Story”

The doldrums of mid summer are in full swing as NFL news has come to a screeching halt. With little in the area of new news breaking or anything that could be remotely considered enlightening or even entertaining, many local and national media scribes are simply rehashing old news by spinning untruths.

Which brings us to the topic at hand, how speculation becomes a report and a rumor becomes a story. One of Buc Central’s blogging brethren, albeit he is a Vikings fan, the Pacifist Viking brings up a valid point on how certain journalist  go from covering the news to making the news.

The Pacifist contends that some journalist tend to take what another writer says and make it in to a full blown report, which then typically leads to it becoming  a breaking news story in today’s world of fast paced all access media.

Consequently, all too often it leads to negative or slanted views by fans who perceive the report or story to be factual, but in all actuality it’s merely just hearsay that one news outlet picked up and spun to fill space.

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