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Inside Albert Haynesworth stats

Looking through or should I say sifting through Albert Haynesworth’s stats for the past four years. It is clear whether by design of the defensive scheme or by chance opposing offenses have decided to double or triple team him more in the second half of seasons his number take a decline.

Is Big Al worth what he is seeking?

Is Big Al worth what he is seeking?

Out of the 64 possible games Haynesworth could have suited up for he missed a total of 13, whether it was because of injury or disciplinary reasons the fact remains he has missed almost a complete year out of the last four. His game availability percentage has been 80% since 2005, meaning he has only been of use for 80% of the team games.

His first half stats for the season from 2005-2008 are as follows 87 tackles, 13 sacks and 7 missed games(five due to suspension), his second half stats in games he has played in over those same four years are 86 tackles, 6.5 sacks and 6 games missed(all due to injury).

So while most teams are gearing up for the playoffs and a stretch run, Haynesworth has been gearing up for a trip to the ice tub. There is no denying he has talent. But his ability to keep himself healthy over the course of a full sixteen game schedule has got to make anyone willing to pay a kings ransom pause for a moment. With his recent back & knee injuries along with his age and weight he carries makes a long term deal questionable at the very least.

The Titans who know Haynesworth better then anyone else, offered him a four year deal, presumably one year longer then what they believe he will be productive.  The other question one should ask is, is a player who never touches the football worth nearly 12% -14% of a teams total salary cap?

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