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Inside Winslows new deal

Famed SI.com writer & noted author of Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King breaks down the new contract extension between Kellen Winslow and the Buccaneers.

As reported previously Winslow was only scheduled to earn $10.5 million over the next two season based off of his old contract, his new deal calls for him to earn $11.8 million or roughly $1.3 million more over the first two years of the deal.

In year three is where it could get dicey for Winslow, if he under performs in 2010, the team could cut bait and not owe Winslow another dime and would take no cap hit leaving the team with no dead money to account for, of course all is contingent upon there being a new CBA in place.

On the other hand should Winslow get injured the $8.2 million he is scheduled to earn in year three becomes guaranteed.

It surely seems that Mark Dominik is being shrewed with his available cap room and structuring contracts to where the team can try and squeeze the most production out of the talent on the field with the least amount of impact on the salary cap in future years..

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