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Jaworski: Culter missing piece

Former Eagles quarterback & ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski thinks the missing piece in Tampa, to a high powered offense is Jay Cutler.

Jaworski firmly believes the Buccaneers would likely be a dangerous team this fall if they find a way to secure the services of  Culter. But after reading all the reports about Culters inabilities to read through his progression and force balls into tight places. Culter might not be any better then McCown this coming season in a new scheme.

“That’s the missing link in Tampa right now,” Jaworski said at the owners’ meetings. “You get a quarterback who can sling it and who knows how far Tampa Bay could go in 2009?”

The only problem with the slinging mentallity is if you cant stop anyone on defense how far would you truly be able to go, we have seen it way to often a high powered offense getting stone walled in the playoffs, while an explosive offense sells tickets during the regular season you have got to be able to play defense once your in the tourament.

Jaw’s still has reservations about McCown. But who doesn’t at this point.

“I think McCown has the physical ability to start, but he’ll need someone on the sidelines with faith in him because the worst thing for a quarterback is if he feels the next time he throws an interception, he’ll get the hook,” said Jaworski. “You’ve got to give a Luke McCown the latitude to make some bad plays and some bad decisions without having the coach say you’ve got a short leash. McCown deserves that opportunity.”

“My biggest concern regarding Tampa Bay is where is the quarterback that’s going to give you 16 games of consistent play?” he said. “It’s been their Achilles’ heel over the last couple of years. You can’t be a playoff team week in and week out without a quarterback giving you consistent play, and the Bucs just haven’t gotten that at the position.’

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