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Just How Bad Was The Bucs Offensive Line in 2010?

Bucs offensive line preformed better then some think

Well, for starters the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line wasn’t as bad as some fans and media pundits tend to think it was. When you consider the team only had one offensive lineman start all sixteen games in 2010, but still manage to rank 8th in total rushing yards with a total of 2,001-yards for an average of 4.64 yards per carry. One could consider that a pretty monumental feat when you factor in that the front five was a mash unit. They ranked 6th in yards per carry, surrendered just 63 tackles for loss which ranked 7th best. They only gave up 30 sacks which were 6th best and allowed 68 quarterback hits which were good for 13th best.

So, judging by the numbers the Bucs offensive line even though they were much maligned for much of the season and often over-analyzed and criticized. Preformed much better then some media pundits and fans give them credit for.

Now that’s not to say that there weren’t some crucial third and short plays where the team, notice we said team and not offensive line failed to produce. But the line is only one component of any given play and it takes all eleven men on the field executing in unison to effectively pick up third and short yardage in the ebb and flow of a game. Fingers could be pointed at everyone from the offensive lineman to the backs, tight ends, receivers and yes, even the quarterback. Who all played an intricate part in why the offense struggled in short yardage situations in 2010.

Heck, some might even contend that it was the play calling and scheme that were part of the underlining problem. But the bottom line is the offensive line did not play as bad as some want to perceive it did.

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