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King: No Credible Evidence Against Talib

No credible evidence

For those who’ve seen the reports that CB Aqib Talib would not be suspended, that surfaced shortly before kickoff against the Dolphins. Peter King has got an inkling, as to why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not suspend Talib f or even the minimum of four games that had previously been mentioned by Jason Cole, of Yahoo! Sports.com via an anonymous source.

Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib won’t be suspended, according to Bucs GM Mark Dominik, after his offseason incident in Texas in which someone shot at his sister’s boyfriend. I think the reason he wasn’t suspended is because no credible evidence has been produced that he fired the shots or did anything to encourage the shots to be fired. Now, if he’s found guilty when the case goes to trial in the spring, he’ll certainly be disciplined. But not now.

We here at Bucs Central have contended all along, that if Talib had indeed pulled the trigger and squeezed off a few rounds, at his sisters would be abusive boyfriend, that there would have been no way for Texas prosecutors to table his case till 2012. Especially with all of the supposed evidence that they claim they have from eye witness accounts on the evening in question.

Talib’s lawyers have strongly contended that the case should be dismissed and if and when the case went to trial, Talib will be exonerated of the charges. Talib whom met with Goodell, last Tuesday has been mum on the specifics of the meeting, however did state his representatives did a good job of presenting all the facts to Goodell.

Sure seems that the absence of a lengthy suspension by the NFL commissioner, suggest that just maybe Talib did nothing wrong other then respond to a family member in distress.

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