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Mark Dominik – Bucs all about taking care of core players

Peter King, of Sports Illustrated.com, firmly believes the Bucs wont be a major player in the lottery sweepstakes to gain the services of what many have coined, as the prized free agent in this years class DT Albert Haynesworth.

From the lead horses mouth Mark Dominik stated

“To sit there and say we’re going to be major players in the big free-agent market probably is wrong,” Dominik said. “Our goal is to take care of our young core players. The veterans here are important to our future. Then, when you get to free agency, you have to measure the cost and benefit of every player. If you put a value of $4 million a year on a player, and it goes over that, you’ve got to be disciplined about chasing the money.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity that’s been created here. We’re working to make sure we take advantage of it in the right way.”

In other news, the Buccaneers are scheduled to have $55 million in money below the salary cap to spend come the 27 Feb 09. If anyone has every read any of my rants on forums out there they will now that I have stated previously that the team had around $50 million in available cap space for 2009.

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