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McCown in the lead

Three practices into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 training camp – it

McCown turn over free, but hasnt truly seperated himself from the pack

McCown turn over free, but hasn't truly seperated himself from the pack

would appear that none of the quarterbacks have separated themselves from the pack.

Luke McCown has been turnover free, but has not had the same flare for the dramatics when it comes to uncorking the long ball as the others thus far, more of a steady workman’s like approach.

Byron Leftwich has really unleashed the long ball, but has had a multitude of costly mistakes from interceptions to holding on to the football too long, which has really allowed the defense to take advantage of the situation and get to him.

Rookie Josh Freeman, has had his share of ups and downs – has routinely hit long passes, but was not as sharp Sunday as he was Saturday. Consistency will come, but it is just not there yet. He seems to be pressing a bit – staring down receivers, which has resulted in a few interceptions.

Second year pro Josh Johnson has gotten very limited reps, but is making the most with what little opportunity he is getting – not as polished as the other three, but has grown from last season to this season.

So far it would appear that McCown is the leader to start opening day – not necessarily for what he has done in regards to protecting the football or applying pressure on the defense, but mainly due to the fact that the others have been stumbling away from the opportunity.

While it’s still early, the competition needs to heat up in a hurry, but more importantly the consistency from down to down needs to increase between the combatants.

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