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McCoy’s Curious Case Of Agents

McCoy bringing eye candy to the negotiating table

So how will the negotiations between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 3rd overall pick Gerald McCoy go? Will if for nothing more, then just an interesting set of circumstances McCoy is being co-represented by Kelli Masters, one of only two women who are NFLPA certified agents who negotiate contracts on behalf of pro football players. In all there are currently six women who work as negotiators, Masters and Kristen Kuliga are agents while Amy Trask is CEO of the Raiders, Katie Blackburn Executive Vice President of the Bengals, Dawn Aponte Vice President of Football Operations with the Dolphins and Rita LeBlanc Executive Vice President with the Saints all respectively negotiate contracts on some level on behalf of their respect teams.

To read more on the women of the NFL agent turned part time writer Jack Bechta of the National Football Post has a good write up on the female trailblazers of the football industry.

If nothing else, McCoy will be bringing some eye candy to the table when it comes time to hammer out his deal. Whether or not it causes any delays on him getting into camp on time is a whole different matter.

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