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Michael Lombardi praises the Glazers’ plan

Michael Lombardi, the genius behind the NationalFootballPost.com praises the Glazers’ for havng a plan and being able to adjust it accordingly in a very well written piece featured in the Diner morning news section of his site.

The Glazer family, which owns the team, has spent money in the past, but they’ve learned that money doesn’t always buy results — in any business. They spent a ton to get Jon “Love You Bro” Gruden, not only in draft picks but in hard dollars, which resulted in a Super Bowl but not the long-range success they initially thought. Giving Gruden the keys to the shop was right at the time, they believed, but it proved to be incorrect.

From my perspective, the Glazers have set a plan in place — their plan — which they in turn want Dominik and new head coach Raheem Morris to put into place. It’s a plan, I’m sure, that’s based on the Glazers watching how successful teams in the NFL operate. The Glazers are the type of owners who observe and learn — they’re successful in their other businesses for a reason. They entered the NFL with an idea of how things operate, but they’ve adjusted their plan now that they’ve learned how things really operate.

This new plan cost them some serious initial cash because they had to get rid of their high-priced coach, but in an effort to install their new plan, they had to make tough choices. They’ve been aggressive but not careless in the free-agent market. They’ve been sticking to their plan — unlike many NFL and NBA teams.

I admire the Glazers’ willingness to make a plan — and their willingness to learn, to change and to understand that in the NFL, it’s not always about spending money. It’s about spending wisely.

Finally, someone gets it, it is not the amount you spend, but the manner in which you spend it and the return on your investment.

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