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Mike Williams “I Made Three Mistakes In My Life”

Williams says he's blessed to be playing for Tampa Bay

There’s been plenty to read on former Syracuse receiver Mike Williams in recent days, now that he’s a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. From the post yesterday about what transpired behind the scenes, that lead to him sitting out the remainder of last season for the Orangemen. Now here’s another post about Williams from an on air interview with 620 WDAE The Sports Animal where Williams alludes to the three mistakes he made while a collegiate player. A hat tip to Tim Gunter of Sports radio Interviews.com for transcribing the interview.

His thoughts on his first day of mini-camp and whether it was what he thought it would be:
“It was great.  They say that it is a job interview by you going out there and presenting yourself to the coaches in your first mini-camp and I think I went out there and put my best foot forward and let them guys know what I can bring to the team.”

What fans should expect from him on the field:
“Oh man I am going to be the same person.  Be the same Mike Williams, the same guy that they have seen on the field playing, the same guy they have seen going up for them balls, the same guy that catches everything.  That is what I can inform the fans they are going to see.”

What his thoughts and emotions were going through the draft and up until mini-camp:
“Oh man it was a long process.  Crazy.  The Combine.  The whole going on all of the visits all the way up to the draft.  The draft was long, like you said it took all the way to the last day to get drafted.  I am blessed to be playing for Tampa Bay.”

On the incident that went down at Syracuse:
“Oh yeah, the misconception was that I quit.  It wasn’t a quit; it was just a misunderstanding with me and the coach.  I got into a car accident that night and I got suspended.  The mistake I made was walking out of his office out of frustration.  I didn’t quit at all.  I never was a quitter.  If I would have quit and got suspended because of my grades I would have left school then.  I had the opportunity to do that then, but people know that I am not a quitter.  That was just a misunderstanding with everybody.  Everybody saying that I quit and left the team but really I got into a car accident and got suspended.”

How tough it was to talk to NFL teams and them asking about being a quitter:
“Oh yeah it is very troubling.  Everybody that knows me and knows what type of person I am they know that I am a good person.  Like I have been telling people, I made three mistakes in my life.  Not handing in a paper, getting in a car accident and getting suspended because of my grades and it was my three mistakes.  If you say that I am a bad person because of those three mistakes I guess there is a lot worse people than me.  It was hard going through that process and I am just glad that it is over.”

Truly, the more you read about Williams, the more you get the sense that it’s a maturity issue and a lack of sound judgment on his part. It’s not like he has any criminal trouble in his past, it’s more of a maturity thing that cost him his college career. But the low risk and high reward might finally pay off for the Bucs, for once.

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