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Monday Quotes: Raheem Morris

Morris calls out Gaines Adams for second time this year

Morris calls out Gaines Adams for second time this year

Head coach Raheem Morris discusses bleeding slow, playing scared, the defensive struggles, Gaines Adams ineffectiveness at rushing the passer and having the second worst defense in the NFL statistically. As well as if the personnel fit the scheme in the front seven.


(On Sunday’s game)
“After viewing the game tape, offensively we just made the big critical error early, two critical errors early, the two turnovers. We drove the ball down the field and we were doing what we wanted to do, ran the football and threw it effectively. It was that big pick-six there, trying to make a play, that hurts you. We had another mistake from our rookie [Sammie Stroughter] giving up the interception there. He’s going to make some of those mistakes but he’s a good football player. We’ve got to stay with it, we’ve got to keep getting better. After that, offensively we did a pretty good job. But any time you get into that situation, when you’re the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that’s not how we want to play football. We don’t want to throw the ball around 50 times, we don’t want to do that. To only have 19 rushes is not our winning formula. There’s no secret behind that. We forced ourselves into a situation where we had to. Defensively, the plan was to bleed slow, to make this running back beat you. And he did. He came out and executed the game plan and he got us. We gave up the two big plays, one on Ronde [Barber]. I’ll take that one; we were taking an opportunity down there. And that last one on Aqib [Talib] when he’s right there, probably wouldn’t have called that call if we would have got the fourth-and-one on offense. When we didn’t get the fourth-and-one on offense with about eight minutes left there, you’ve got to take a shot. You can’t play scared. What difference does it make if you lose by three or you lose by 10 at that point? You’re trying to win the football game. If you make that play, everybody’s happy. If you make it, you give our offense another chance, we get another chance to drive the ball down there for a win. The score was 20-14, something like that, for a long period of time there. We were having the ability to bleed slow, now we’ve got to take that shot. We took our shot, and T.O. [Terrell Owens] made a great play over Talib’s head, scored on us and pretty much pushed the game out a little bit, made it more difficult for us. Special teams-wise, we didn’t play bad. We had a couple good looks on kickoff return. We covered well, defended Roscoe Parrish and [Leodis] McKelvin. I thought we kept those guys pretty much in check. Roscoe had the one scary punt in the middle of the field that looked pretty scary but we got him on the ground. I’m excited about that one. His best look probably was actually the first look when they did the trick and he ended up throwing it across the field. That kind of helped us out a little bit; our guys did a great job of containing that play, hunting him down and getting him on the ground. As far as injuries, for this week [Jeff] Faine will definitely be out again. We’re concerned about a bunch of guys – Antonio [Bryant], Gilly [John Gilmore], [Elbert] Mack, [Roy] Miller, [Maurice] Stovall. All those guys got a couple dings. Mack, Miller and Stovall happened in the game yesterday. And Jermaine Phillips is the guy we’re really concerned with. He broke his thumb and the doctors are going to see him again this morning. We’ll update you with some further detail on that to come.”

(On if there is a common thread in the defensive struggles)
“It’s a brand-new defense. Forget the scheme, forget all that stuff. We played Tampa Two a bunch yesterday. We played a bunch of quarters yesterday, played a bunch of two-high things. The plan was to get that running back to beat us. If you take away that 43-yard run, that might have been an effective game plan. We might get a stop right there, get a chance to get the ball, go down and score and we win, and nobody cares that he ran for 120 yards. The plan was to stop him with seven-man fronts. To be honest with you, they outplayed us up front. Their rookie guards, they played harder than us up front. We didn’t play bad, but they really outplayed us up front. They did a good job and it was a credit to those guys. Those two rookies – those three rookies, they showed up and they played hard and they played well. And I put my guys behind the eight ball a little bit. I told them I wanted to stop them with seven-man fronts. The guys that really flashed and played special were Geno [Hayes] and Barrett [Ruud]. Geno again, he was a bright spot on defense. He flew around and made a bunch of tackles. Even the two tackles he missed were exciting. We just missed too many tackles on defense in all. That was the most missed tackles that we’ve had in a game up to this point. We hadn’t been missing a bunch of tackles but yesterday we did and that hurt us.”

(On Gaines Adams not getting a good pass rush in the first two weeks)
“He hasn’t, and I think Gaines knows that. Gaines is one of those guys that knows he’s judged on whether he’s touched the quarterback or not. Right now he’s not getting the production as far as not touching the quarterback. The tackles, the sacks – he’s not getting any of that. He’s just not playing up to par right now. He’s holding himself accountable. We’ve got to hold him accountable. It’s tough right now. He is not getting it done. There are no excuses, there are no explanations. Gaines is not getting it done right now.”

(On what is lacking in Adams’ game that was there at the beginning of last year)
“Actually, when he started off the [2008] season he just played hard, he played harder than anybody he’s playing against. Right now I don’t see that. I don’t see that same fire. I don’t see him playing with the same speed and how hard he did last year. We’ve got to get that back. If we don’t get that back, it’s going to be a long season for Gaines and us.”

(On if he’s still confident he can play the current defensive scheme)
“We never really draft to play Cover Two, ever. Nobody ever drafts to play Cover Two. We drafted Aqib Talib to play bump-man and quarters, and Aqib Talib got beat yesterday on bump-man. That’s what you draft these guys for.”

(On if the personnel fits the scheme in the front seven)
“Roy Miller was drafted to play in this system. [Chris] Hovan is what he is – he’s a big run-stopping guy. We re-signed Ryan Sims because that’s what he did. We brought him into the Tampa Two system and tried to get something different, a big clogging body that could run a little bit. Those guys all fit. Gaines Adams coming off the edge should be perfect for this system, using his long arms and his rush moves, containing the edge. And Jimmy Wilkerson is another guy that’s just been a pleasant surprise as well. The front seven guys, they all fit. Barrett had 19 tackles yesterday. Geno Hayes had 14 tackles yesterday. Quincy [Black] didn’t play as fast as he did in the first game but Quincy played well too. He just has a couple things where he doesn’t flash as much, but Quincy had a couple plays in the backfield, tackles for a loss yesterday. Those guys are really playing in spurts not bad. We’ve just got to get them to play all together for the whole game, how to play and what we want to do. Yesterday was a big challenge for those guys, trying to stop those guys with a seven-man box and not give up the big play. We gave up two on two opportunities that we tried to take advantage of it. That’s on me. You can put the Aqib Talib one on me. Maybe we could have not played so aggressively there and lost by three and we’d all be happy. Or maybe not. I took a shot. I said, ‘Let’s go play and let’s challenge them. Let’s try to get the ball back right here. Let’s make a decision.’ And we did, and we lost that battle.”

(On if he expected the growing pains)
“I don’t know if you can expect growing pains but every time you are playing with a really young, talented bunch of guys that has to figure their way out, their job is to just get better and better every week. They got better from the first [game], they didn’t give up the four big plays, they gave up two. It just so happened that we gave up the two big plays on offense to make it the same result. We have to put all of our stuff together and once we do you will see a pretty fast defense flying around making plays.’

(On if the defense is still in progress)
“I wouldn’t know if it’s the system, like I tell you guys everyday, the system is the same thing. It really isn’t much different. We did all the same stuff last year. Yesterday it was probably more of what we did last year than anything. The first game we probably played a little more aggressive with some of our blitzes and tried getting to Tony Romo some. The system is really not that much different and we really have to know how to play better and some of those guys that we have drafted over the years have to step up. They have to play big.”

(On the missed tackles)
“Yesterday was our worst tackling performance of this whole new regime. Yesterday was the worst one, we had 24 missed tackles. Before that, I don’t know if we had a double digit missed tackle game. Yesterday was not a good tackling day from us. It was not a good tackling day from our unit and they know that. They will get to know that when we have a chance to talk to them.”

(On if the problem is the youth not taking the loss personally)
“I don’t know if it’s taking it personal. I think they all take it personal, I don’t think it’s that. I just think it’s a problem of trial and error, going out there and doing it. Back in 1995 and 1996 when Warren Sapp and Brooks and those guys came in here, their first eight games of the season, they just played hard and played fast and got better and better every week. Maybe we’ll go into that growing pain right now. We have to get better a little faster than they did back then. The bright spot is, we are just trying to find a way to win with what we have right now. Our offense is looking pretty good, they are looking talented. At the same time that’s not the way we want to win on offense either. You don’t want to go out there and throw it 50 times, you don’t want to go out there and run it 19 times. You want to run it 30 and throw it. We want to have a nice balanced attack, be able to move the ball, play action pass, and throw the ball downfield. If we can hold up on defense and do some of those things then we can get a win. We can get more wins than anyone can expect, anybody can imagine and that is what we want to do.”

(On the frustration of a missed tackle)
“Missed tackles are the frustration issue more than just getting beat physically. A missed tackle is a technique, it is a one-two, it’s a will, it’s the stuff that has nothing to do with talent. It is all the hustle, the hit, the cap-offs, you have to have all that stuff and have to get a lot of stuff going. Yesterday we had a bunch of missed tackles. We will look at tape and it’s going to be clear to them when they realize it.”

(On past missed tackling days)
“When we were here, I’ve been here for 7 years and been through some tackling days. Those were never good days for us. All of the missed tackle days end up with bad results. You just can’t miss tackles like that. If we break some of those tackles, it’s a different game. The game was 20-14 for a long period of time, until we missed that big tackle on the long run, that 43-yard run that we talked about. There were some other opportunities. Some of the tackles you missed were in the backfield. Those are splash plays for you, you miss those in the backfield it’s not a big deal, they maybe get two yards but there is a big difference between 2nd and 8 and 2nd and 14. That just changes the whole demeanor of your call, how you are going to get the third down, what you are going to do on third down. We are actually playing pretty well on third down; it is just the matter of getting to it.”

(On having the second worst defense in the NFL statistically)
“We have to go out there and do things for us to win. We have to go out there and do things that we can do to win and that’s what we’re doing right now. We don’t worry about stats now. Those things will move up like I told you last week. We’ll move up gradually throughout that process. A couple more teams play Drew Brees, we won’t have that problem. We just have to keep moving up, keep moving up, keep moving up, keep getting better and better every week. It’s about us and it’s not really about anybody else.”

(On offense)
“We’ve done a good job on offense. We were about three or four plays away on offense. We get that fourth and one and it may be a completely different result. We might have hit our head on the goal post if we just blocked that thing correctly like we knew they were going to be in. We might be really happy right now, ecstatic about it. Byron trying to make a great play, trying to just tip it out there to his back, floats it over his head and ends up in one of their player’s hands and they score. That’s a big play in the game. Sammie Stroughter goes down, makes a great catch, trying to roll it over to keep it from touching the ground, pops up in the air and they get a pick. It could have touched the ground but it was inconclusive evidence so they give it to them anyway. Those plays right there, if we could eliminate those things, we have a chance. Our offense has done a great job at moving the ball. They moved the ball when they turned the ball over. They moved the ball for the most part all day. They had very few three and outs. It was that 20-14 stint there that we went for a long time we weren’t able to move the ball as effectively. Positively, we got Kellen Winslow the ball yesterday. Positively, we were able to do some things in the passing game with Maurice Stovall. We were able to do some things with Brian Clark. Those guys came in and filled in for Antonio Bryant and did some special things. They give Buffalo confidence to play as an eight man front without Antonio Bryant being there. There are a bunch of different things when you talk about offense, when you talk about running the football. You don’t have Antonio out there, they’re going to try to stop Cadillac, Earnest and Derrick Ward. There’s no doubt about that. I don’t know if we could have run the ball 30 times anyway without it getting out of control, but that’s just the thought process.”

(On the pass rush)
“Crowder was a pleasant surprise yesterday. He was in there mostly on run downs, but when he was out there he showed up. Hope to see more of Crowder. Hopefully we can get Kyle Moore healthy, see more of Kyle Moore. Quincy Black has been another option we have talked about in the offseason. We definitely have to change some things up, try to get some people out there. You have to find your best combination of players, your best people that can go out there and play and that’s what our job is right now. You don’t have to keep putting the same guys out there if they are not getting it done. You put new guys out there and let them go do it and let them get a shot at trying to do it at least.”

(On preaching anything to the young players)
“No. It’s two games. If you expect to come in here and win all 16, then you’re fooling yourself. This is a young football team. The bottom line is that we got to get better and better every week. The bottom line is if we give ourselves a chance to win yesterday and I think they all can see it. You see Elbert Mack and step up yesterday and make a play on the deep ball. You see him come out and absolutely run into that quarterback full speed when he was challenged this week after what happened to him against Dallas. And all those guys, you see Sabby bounce back. Sabby bounced back with a pick. Sabby bounced back with a fumble recovery, set up a score for us on offense, bounced back with a bunch of tackles, did miss one tackle. You see these guys bounce back. These guys don’t lack confidence. We drafted them for a reason. We picked them up for a reason. All these guys they don’t have confidence issues. They just have to go out there and play together, play hard and play fast.”

(On length of time he expects Antonio Bryant to be out)
“Antonio is a day to day situation. Antonio, it wouldn’t shock me if he played this week. I don’t know, it wouldn’t shock me if we had to go without him. That’s not my issue. I look to my doctors. I’ll let Antonio talk with the doctors about that. Once I get to gameday, I’ll put people up. I’ll put people down. I’ll play the guys that are up and we have to go out and find a way to win. Yesterday, Maurice went out there and he gave us an opportunity to win. He played well enough to win the game. Brian Clark, those guys stepped in, filled that role. Sammie Stroughter had an opportunity. Sammie Stroughter had some big time opportunities yesterday to make us win and he almost came up with them. But he’s that close to becoming a big time player and he knows it. That’s goes back to the confidence issue. It’s not confidence. That young man is eager for his next opportunity and that’s the kind of players you want to be around.”

Courtesy of the Buccaneers Public Relations Department

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