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Monday Quotes: Raheem Morris

Morris addressed several topics Monday, but dont look for Freemna gainst the Patriots

Morris addressed several topics Monday, but don't look for Freemna gainst the Patriots

Head coach Raheem Morris addressed the media following another disappointing loss in which the defense was run over, through and around. Morris talked about seventh round pick Sammie Stroughter…the progress of Josh Johnson, whether or not the team planned on using rookie Josh Freeman against the Patriots. Antonio Bryant running the wrong routes on a  few pass plays and the spirit of the team.

(Opening statement)
“We watched the film. We have obvious needs of doing a better job at finishing. Started the game well especially on offense and on defense as well. Did some really good things as far as we scored on defense, we scored on special teams. We opened the game with an opening drive score, we won the turnover batter but we didn’t win the game. We had some opportunities to win. We just need to play better.”

(On the interceptions)
“Yeah I don’t know if we have been outscored, but yeah I could just go look back, but I know we have had some, we had two interceptions coming out of the tunnel which you can’t have, those are always going to hurt you and especially given great field position like we have been. Usually you think you get the ball in and come up at half, you go down, you score, you get a drive, you change the field position. You have a lot of opportunities to do some things but we haven’t and I don’t think it has anything to do with. It’s at first they were just two bad decisions by both by the same guy both by Josh [Johnson] at that point but no real explanation to what’s going on there just made a bad decision, a bad throw. Maybe Mike [Clayton] could have cut out the route for him a little bit more. Maybe he could have read that a little bit better, read that differently but just two opportunities, two of the same. The one in Washington I said was a great play by DeAngelo and yesterday that decision just had not been great for us and when you start off like that usually that’s going to generate the short field for the defense and you’re going to get outscored there on a turnover.”

(On Josh Johnson’s progress)
“Josh actually showed up in those third down runs like he has been doing the whole time. Having the ability to find Sammie Stroughter, make him a part of our offense yesterday was really good. He got Kellen [Winslow] the ball when he needed to, threw one interception. As far as protection and communication with his center [Jeff] Faine got better, the running game got going a little bit with Cadillac so some of those things were fine. It’s just that the ability to finish drives, the ability to not hurt yourself and we didn’t have as many penalties as we have. They were just timely ones that kill drives that you just can’t have happen. When he missed one throw on the second series of the game that could have made that thing 14-7 but he missed one throw to Sammie with a miscommunication of a route concept but he just missed that throw which he could have still hit but he just missed that throw. You can blame Sammie for that he turned the wrong way maybe but he missed the throw at the end of the day, which could have kept that drive going and possibly resulted in a score.”

(On the disappointment of the team)
“No, it’s obviously disappointing to be 0-6. There’s no doubt with that but the things you got to focus on for me is the unselfish play of Earnest Graham going to fullback and playing really well. Going out there and dominating at fullback, going out there and putting his face on people, wanting to really attack people, open up some holes for Cadillac [Williams] and really creating a difference for Cadillac yesterday. He had a couple of really good running lanes because of the play of Earnest Graham. The thing I can focus on is having Sammie Stroughter do exactly what we thought we did during the off season. We saw the guy in the OTA days, come in here as a seventh round pick and now he’s starting to flourish to his own, had a little setback versus Buffalo when he had the minor shoulder injury. Now he’s bounced back becoming a player for us on both special teams, that third down guy. He’s kind of filling that Ike Hilliard role where he’s becoming big on third down. He’s doing some of those things for us and he really energized our team yesterday with some of his play. The thing I got to look at is to see Cadillac. Cadillac’s starting to get back in those holes, becoming a dominant leader on this football team the things he is doing to help us out there as far as the sideline as far as being in the game as far as keeping everybody involved. One time in that game yesterday where Cadillac was walking down the sideline coaching somebody or encouraging somebody or getting somebody else going. So the play of Cadillac, the demeanor of Cadillac, how he approached the game every week of Cadillac, are things that I look at. The results right now are disappointing but to see the people start to
grow and develop into what they can become are pretty encouraging.”

(On the exhaustion of the perfect game plan)
“That’s the beauty of coaching man. That never becomes exhausting. That’s the best part about it. To go out there and see a couple of things you planned go the right way, it’s beautiful. To come up on the short end of the stick sometimes these last couple of weeks, it’s not been. But like I said, anytime you come out and you have an opening drive that scores seven and then after that you come back you score on defense then after that you run back a kickoff and after that you win the turnover battle. So many good things that happen, third down you’re really good. So many good things that happen, Kellen Winslow the week before what he did. You just need to put it all together so you can become a good football team. Talking to Coach [John] Fox yesterday in the middle of the field, this is an eight and eight league. It’s an eight and eight league and then at the end of the day somebody has to push you over the top, some people have to push you over the top and we just need our people to do that and we can and we will and we will figure it out.”

(On the spirits of the players)
“You know with the way Ronde [Barber] played yesterday that’s where the frustration comes out. Whenever you hold Steve Smith to one catch for four yards and Aqib Talib to the other side of you and you’re Ronde Barber and you come out and you tackle well and you play well and you miss a couple tackles that could have changed the game that’s where the frustration sets in. But today when he comes in and evaluates the tape, he’ll be right back trying to win a football game because he loves his teammates. I can motivate Ronde. I can motivate [Chris] Hovan and some of those guys but they are more motivated by playing well, playing great and having their legacies remain the same. Those guys are easy to motivate, the guys that really care, the guys that love it, that’s the easy part. Now some of the other guys might not love it as much as those guys. Those are the guys you got to motivate. Those are the guys you have to get going because they are still on your team or you tolerate them until you can replace them.”

(On the change with what you are working with right now)
“You know in the beginning of the game they actually did a really good job of stopping the run. There was one play that came out trips punch and they ran a couple of plays out of that which was pretty good. We got some nice scheme plays in there, which we settled down after that drive to stop that there. But then like you talked about, the 16 for 16 plays all called runs, one pass in there with the Bear pass, but they really wore us down. They really wore us down at that point and that’s where we have to get better. That’s where we have to find a way for our young guys to step up and our young players to become better talent so we can sub guys out, we can rotate the guys, we can have more guys going there. Maybe it’s time to see a little Dre Moore maybe it’s time to see a different rotation there with the top four with the inside four so we can hold up more. You can’t worry about Chris Hovan being smaller. That’s who he is. We are what we are. Those are the things we have to deal with. Things you have to worry about is keeping Barrett [Ruud] going, keeping Barrett playing at the high level he is playing at, keeping the guys in front of him playing at the high level they are playing at and we have to do it more consistently more often to stop people and not worry about it.”

(On the Veterans on offense not stepping up)
“They’re actually pretty young too. We consider them veterans because they have been here the past two years, but Davin Joseph has been in the league four years, three years. [Jeremy] Trueblood, the same thing. Jeremy Zuttah is in his second year or third year. They are all young players as well. Donald Penn may be the oldest, not sure, probably. Faine is the oldest and that’s our leader and he just got back yesterday. It was his first game back. They did execute. They executed pretty well. We have the running going. We have Cadillac to average 6.2 yards a carry. We have to get him going back so we can get that thing going more consistently so we can get the ball in Cadillac’s hands 20 times. Now it goes from 16 carries, 77 yards to 20 to 100 and whatever it is. Once you have the ability to do that and get the ability to run the ball 25 or 30 times you have an opportunity to win some football games. Kellen Winslow the week before had nine catches for 102 yards. We have to do it more consistently. We have a young quarterback. Josh is very young. Josh will be out there being young for a while. He is getting older and older as he goes out there. He is getting better and better with more experience as he goes out there. We have to get those guys going, you are right. At the same time they are doing it, just doing it at different times. We have to do it all together.”

(On Clifton Smith)
“I haven’t [spoken to him yet today]. I talked to our trainer and he talked about Clifton. He was up and moving around a little bit. We have to just check on him and see what’s going on for tomorrow and Wednesday. I’ll get back with you. I don’t really have a solid answer on that right now.”

(On if it’s challenging with two young quarterbacks)
“It’s definitely challenging to get two young guys motivated to play. Josh knows if he plays well, he can be the quarterback. [Josh] Freeman has to wait his turn. They have to go out there, they have to play and let them play. Josh [Johnson] is the quarterback. We have a short week going against New England. Josh can’t worry about that. Josh has to focus on playing well while he is in there. When you are in there at quarterback, you’re the quarterback. You go in there; you play well and perform much like any position. Josh [Freeman] has to be ready to step up, play and act like he is the starter every week. He has to go out there and prepare himself. It’s definitely a challenge but it is one that all teams deal with. We’re no different.”

(On giving Freeman a shot in England)
“No, we have a short week. We’ll be on a plane in three days, taking a long trip and Josh Johnson is the quarterback. What I am going to miss from yesterday is our fans. I don’t know if you guys noticed but our fans really came alive from that interception by Tanard Jackson. It sparked some interest and created some confusion by [Jake] Delhomme. It made him throw a bad pass, Tanard gets the interception, runs it in and we really got that thing going. That was exciting. That’s what we have to get going in Tampa. 21-21 games, we have to come out on top.”

(On Antonio Bryant only being thrown at four times on Sunday)
“Antonio is part of the game plan, there is no doubt about that. He is frustrated but he is also frustrated with himself. He ran a couple of wrong routes yesterday as well. That just has to do with the lack of practice. Josh has to find him better, he has to run better routes and I have to coach those two better. I have to make sure Antonio runs the right routes all the time so when he is counted on and is looked at, we have to deliver him the football. He has to be trustworthy with Josh [Johnson] and they just haven’t had the practice time together. Again, I do not like to use excuses but you are forcing me to in this case. They just haven’t practiced together for a long amount of time to be on the same page, to get the routes running together correctly at the same time, for Josh to have the trust and throw it. The game at quarterback is an anticipation game. A lot of times you throw balls based on anticipation. If you’re not real comfortable with that receiver that you’re throwing to, you might have a problem anticipating, not knowing exactly what he is going to do. You aren’t going to be getting the attempts or delivery amounts that you’ve had. Before yesterday, Josh was real strong, Antonio was real strong. They connected on two of them. There were some more opportunities out there, some more calls his way and we have to get on a better page with those two and with everybody, really. I just brought those two up because that’s what you mentioned.”

(On Derrick Ward’s lack of carries)
“When he got in his first series and mishandled that pitch, he got in the next series. I can’t remember what happened in his next series but he touched the ball that one time when we threw it out to him in the flat. We got behind the sticks right there, threw it the next two times. The next two series were Cadillac’s. We went out there and played with Cadillac. We came out in Derrick’s third series and threw an interception. He fell onto the wrong end of the sticks as far as the attempts and the amount of time he had yesterday. I have to go find out but I’m sure he isn’t doing well. You want to touch the ball and give your team a chance to win. I know he is about winning and I know he has to be about winning. I’m sure he’s not going to be too comfortable with that.”

(On going to London)
“The obvious thing about London is you are happy to take your game international and make it a bigger game than it already is. You are obviously happy about that, you are excited about that opportunity. At the same time you are going to play a team that just scored 59 points yesterday. Bill Belichick played a winless team yesterday and the score was 59-0. Now he is going to play another and I’m sure Bill Belichick is licking his chops and he should be. We are going to put the New England Patriots up there [with the best]. That’s the other thing about that question, the business trip. The other thing is about how you prepare your team. We have our ownership that is really familiar with going over there, how you deal with traveling over there, how you deal with jet lag and those things. We took a lot of advice from our owners, from the people that go over there often. We put a lot of research into that type of stuff with our upper management and talked about some of those things as well.”

Courtesy Of Buccaneers Public Relations Department

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