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There has been alot of public speculation swirling around the Tampa area that the Glazer’s are broke due to the debt incurred with owning Manchester United. Now Jason La Canfora, NFL.com blogger was able to get a look at some NFL Management Council figures on “committed cash,” which is the actual dollar amount spent on players from 2004-2008 and the pewter & red pirates of the Bay Area rank dead last in actual monies spent on players during the five year span.

Team Dollars, in millions
1. Cowboys $566.89
2. Seahawks $552.42
3. Redskins $547.37
4. Colts $532.77
5. Vikings $526.87
6. Texans $522.23
7. Saints $518.49
8. Steelers $516.69
9. Panthers $516.09
10. Patriots $513.31

16. Jets $502.53
19. Giants $497.63
20. Eagles $495.75

29. Titans $465.29
30. Packers $457.16
31. Chiefs $451.58
32. Buccaneers $449.00

To be fair to the Bucs, the list shows there is no correlation between spending big hoards of cash or squirreling away mini fortunes to be used at a later date and winning.

While some fanactics and venom spewing fish wrap scribes are going to labast the Glazers for such small amounts being spent on players, with the amount tickets prices have increased over the last few seasons.

One, must take into account the lack of talent drafted by the former regime that would have caused the team to duel out hefty signing bonues.

Couple that with the lack of highly prized free agents to actually hit the open market that fit with what the team was looking for and of course even the most objective fan should be able to read through the tealeaves.

But, after searching the internet for some information, up pops an article in the St.Pete Times in which executive vice president Joel Glazer outlines his plan which coincidently is dated March 31, 2008 in which he emphasizes the teams philosophy will be too build through the draft.

Glazer emphasized several times the franchise’s intention to “build through the draft” and use free agency in small doses to augment the core of the team. Glazer also repeated something we’ve told you recently: the plan is to reward the young productive players with extensions rather than spend on outsiders. And he correctly stated that the teams who spend the most often are not the clubs that have on-field success.

Glazer also thinks that relying heavily on free agency can disrupt the locker room, as high-priced players must mesh with the existing nucleus. And the team — and particularly Glazer and his brothers — is leery of handing out large signing bonuses because of their potential impact on the salary cap in future years. In a moment of complete honesty, I think Glazer would admit that a big consideration there is that the cash comes directly out of his family’s pockets — as opposed to base salaries which are largely covered by revenue sharing from the league’s television contracts. Source: St.Pete Times.com

The above approach isn’t as sexy as some fans would like, but the team has been robbed of talent over the last several seasons becuase of bad drafting and players regressing rather then flourishing, thusly the Glazers are looking to rebulid the talnet pool before looking to free agency to add the final pieces to get the team over the hump.

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