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More Then Injuries Caused Moore Too Ride The Pine In ‘09

Moore's lack of attention to details was cause for slide

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2009 fourth round pick, Kyle Moore, who struggled through a myriad of nagging injuries en-route to a subpar rookie season after gaining weight to be better suited to play in former defensive coordinator Jim Bates’ 2-gap scheme. Was visibly sluggish after ballooning up to 285-pounds, but has since dropped 22-pounds this off-season in an effort to regain his explosion at the snap. However, injuries and the added weight weren’t the only underlining cause of his problems reports Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. Cummings gives a glimpse into why Moore, even after he returned from injury was relegated to the bottom of the depth chart sighting Moore’s lack of study habits and his inability to stay awake in team and positional meetings.

At the height of the problem he was nodding off in team and positional meetings and failing the little pop quizzes Wash or a teammate would throw at him to make sure he was grasping the details of the defense.

Then he was injured. First it was a groin strain, then a torn meniscus. Both proved to be blessings. Watching from the sideline, Moore finally got a feel for what he had to do off the field to excel on it.

“I was on the sidelines, and I was still getting cussed out,” he said. “That’s when I realized, I’ve got to get this stuff down. So I started watching the older guys, how they did it, and I got better at that part.”

What’s even more puzzling is the fact that last November Moore bellyached about being inactive after the team demoted him in favor of less heralded players after he made his return from injury.

“I guess the injury pretty much [pushed] me back to the back of the depth chart,” Moore said. “I don’t know how that happened, but here I am at the back of the depth chart. I’m just waiting for my time. I’m anxious. They didn’t earn my position. They got it by default. That’s the fact of the matter. They didn’t take my position. It got taken from me [with the injury]. I’m trying to get back into it with practice, practice and more practice. I’ve got fresh legs. Everybody else has played six games before I came back.”

It’s all coming together now. Moore’s injuries, added weight and lack of will power to keep himself attentive in meetings is the reason the team had little faith in him. It seemed odd last season, that a healthy Moore was a scratch in favor of Michael Bennett. But as with everything, eventually the truth comes out. In this case there was more going on behind the scenes then just the injuries.

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