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Morris almost last, Hovan looking to embrace leadership role

Ten year veteran defensive tackle Chris Hovan is looking to pick up where soon to be Hall of Famer Derrick Brooks left off, when it comes to leadership for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2009.

Hovan who is an elder statesmen at 31, has spent the last four season observing from a far the way Brooks has handled different situations on & off the football field.

“I’m just trying to hopefully pick up the ball from Derrick,” Hovan said after a recent practice. “The most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in my nine-year career was to be his teammate. I’ve never seen a veteran leader take such control over the locker room.”

“In my four years of playing with Derrick, I would just observe what he did and how he led,” said Hovan, 31. “And hopefully I can take some of those lessons and apply my own leadership. I believe that you get the respect of your teammates by the way you work — in the film room, in the locker room, and outside — the way you hold yourself in the community. Those are the intangibles that every leader has and I think Derrick Brooks exemplified that when he played for us.” Source: St.Pete Times.com

Sportingnews.com who is partnered with RealScouts ranked all 32 NFL head coaches and as expected green behind the ears Raheem “The Dream” Morris was a landslide winner of almost the bottom spot in the ridiculous poll.

It is not out of the ordinary to see Morris slotted as the 31st best or worst coach in the National Football League depending on how you look at things.

With so much subjectivity, It is way to early to be judging a coach in the NFL when they have not even coached a game yet. But considering it is the off-season and space needed to be filled, why not throw a  subject for debate out there.

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