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Morris At Odds Over Winslow’s Effort Level

Morris not pleased with Winslows effort level

Morris not pleased with Winslow's effort level

After trading for TE Kellen Winslow this off-season and subsequently inking him to a contract extension that made him the highest payed tight end in the league. The Bucs were hoping to get a player that showed and presented an intense attitude on the field, while adding a dimension to the passing game.

It now seems according to Dan Parr, of Profootballweekly.com that the relationship between head coach Raheem Morris and Winslow has been fractured some what, due to Winslow’s lackadaisical attitude and effort level through the first quarter of the season.

Parr, sites Winslow’s unwillingness to fight for extra yardage in a week three loss and his inconsistent effort level as the main culprit behind what many observes of the Bucs feel could blossom into a potential Meshawn type moment for Morris and Winslow.

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